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How would you describe the perfect vet? Would it be based on a highly skilled staff? A comprehensive list of innovative services? A state-of-the-art facility? Or would it be based on the way you and your pet are treated when you visit? At Camden Pet Hospital, your  San Jose veterinarian serving San Jose and  Los Gatos, we believe that quality veterinary care begins with a focus on what’s most important: you and your cherished animal companion.

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Creating a Kitty Garden

Sep 15
It’s always best to keep cats indoors, where they aren’t endangered by cars, weather, and other hazards. However, that doesn’t mean your kitty can’t enjoy a taste of nature. Why not turn...
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Does Your Kitty Have A Cattitude?

Sep 01
Cats are small, but they certainly have big purrsonalities. Some are very loving and cuddly, while others are rather cantankerous and grouchy. Of course, Fluffy’s temperament can also change with her mood....
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Donald F. Fareed

After 10-15 visits in over 24 months, , I have 4 words to describe Camden Pet Hospital:
caring, knowledgable, dedicated and experienced.

My wife and I trust Camden Pet Hospital's team and they always give their best. Their location is great. Close to the cross of Camden and Hwy 85. They are affordable. Joy my dog is insured and but she has a co pay. The insurance forms have been handled without any problem.

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Keegan Laird

I have always been well cared for here. The Vet explains all my health issues at length to my human.
FYI ... be carful about going past the second door, that’s we’re thr shots happen.

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