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Tips for Playing With Fluffy

Tips for Playing With Fluffy

July 01, 2019

Did you know that playing is good for cats? Pouncing on that catnip mouse is not only fun and entertaining for Fluffy, it also benefits her both mentally and physically. Plus, frisky felines are really cute to watch! Read on as a local Los Gatos, CA vet offers some tips on playing with your furry friend. Make It Routine Make kitty playtime part of your daily routine. This is a wonderful way to wind down … Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions Inspired By Dogs

January 01, 2019

Happy New Year! As we leave 2018 behind and move forward into 2019, many people are focusing on their goals for the new year. As it turns out, Fido can be great inspiration for this! Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet lists some resolutions inspired by Man’s Best Friend. Get Lots of Sleep Did you know that dogs spend about half of their time napping? You probably don’t need quite that much rest, but it … Read More »

4th of July Safety Tips for Pets

July 01, 2018

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, many people are making plans for the summer holiday. Remember to keep your pet’s safety in mind. This can be a dangerous time of year for pets! A local Los Gatos, CA vet offers some Fourth of July Safety tips for pets in this article. Fireworks Fireworks are a huge part of July 4th celebrations. Unfortunately, many pets find the lights and noise absolutely terrifying. Keep … Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

January 01, 2018

Happy New Year! Are you setting personal resolutions for yourself this year? If so, that’s great! It’s always good to grow and strive for new goals. Why not include your pet in your resolutions? Read on as a local Los Gatos, CA vet lists some great resolutions for people with pets. Provide Entertainment/Stimulation Just like people, pets can get bored and restless with nothing to do. Make sure your four-legged friend has plenty of toys … Read More »

Kitty Tail Language

July 01, 2017

If we know one thing about cats, it’s that they are chock full of adorable quirk and characteristics. In fact, it can be hard to figure out what our feline pals are thinking or feeling. Fluffy can be very clear when she wants to be fed or petted, but at other times, she isn’t that forthright. Kitties actually communicate more through body language than vocalizations, so learning to interpret your pet’s movements can be very … Read More »

5 Tips for Great Bunny Care

November 01, 2016

Do you have a pet rabbit? Bunnies make extremely cute and lovable little pets. Floppy has been charming people for centuries with her adorable furry face and playful antics. Rabbits do have some very specific care needs, however. A proper diet, which includes plenty of grass hay, is of course very important. But what else does Floppy need? Read on for some great bunny care tips from a San Jose, CA vet. Great Cage Choose … Read More »

Puppy Vaccination Basics

May 01, 2016

Are you new to dog ownership? If you’ve recently adopted a puppy, one of the best things you can do for your new pet’s health is have him vaccinated. Here, your Cambrian, CA veterinary professional goes over the basics of vaccines for puppies. How Exactly Do Vaccines Work? A vaccine works by introducing a small, virtually harmless strain of a disease (called an antigen) to your dog’s immune system. Your dog’s system responds by developing … Read More »

Addressing Your Dog’s Excessive Shedding

November 01, 2015

Have you noticed your carpets and furniture getting clogged with dog hair recently? Maybe it’s time to address the problem. Here, your Cambrian, CA vet tells you how to deal with your canine companion’s shedding. Visit Your Veterinarian First things first: pay a visit to your local vet’s office to have your dog checked out. Since various medical issues—parasites, infection, disease, and others—could be the root cause of your dog’s shedding, you’ll want to have … Read More »

Your Dog’s Regular Walks Bring Valuable Benefits

May 01, 2015

Your retriever mix Dakota enjoys his walks more than anything else in the world. Three times daily, your rambunctious four-year-old pooch grabs his leash for another exciting expedition. Each time, he wants to explore one more street or take an additional lap around the park. Your San Jose veterinarian is happy that Dakota has created a do-it-yourself exercise program. Each vigorous trek helps to strengthen your dog’s muscles and maintain his flexibility. He also enjoys … Read More »

Preventing Your Dog from Gulping Food

February 01, 2014

Have you often marveled at your dog while eating, wondering how he even chews the food before swallowing it? The truth is, this behavior isn’t healthy—food gulping can result in serious problems and should be analyzed by a vet. Here, your San Jose vet tells you more. Why Is My Dog Gulping Food? There are several reasons why a dog might gulp down his food too quickly. Depending on how your dog grew up, he … Read More »