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6 Cute Ways To Spoil Your Hamster On National Hamster Day

6 Cute Ways To Spoil Your Hamster On National Hamster Day

May 01, 2019

Did you know that May 10th is National Hamster Day? Hammie may not be as popular as Fido and Fluffy, but he’s actually pretty adorable, and can make a great pet. Although hamsters are small, they have pretty big personalities. And, just like any other pet, they absolutely love being pampered! Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet offers advice on spoiling a hamster. New Toys Hamsters need lots of chew toys to keep their teeth … Read More »

Adopting a Senior Dog

November 01, 2018

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! While we’re always happy to see any new pet going to a great home, adoptable senior pets do need a bit of extra attention. Read on as a San Jose, CA vet discusses adopting an older dog. Benefits of Getting An Older Pet Senior dogs can really make great pets. For one thing, they are absolutely adorable. Older dogs are often very sweet, calm, and affectionate. You may … Read More »

Cute Ways to Spoil Your Hamster on National Hamster Day

May 01, 2018

Did you know that May 10th is National Hamster Day? We’re guessing probably not. These little guys may not be as popular as dogs or cats, but they really do make very cute and fun little pets. If you have a pet hamster, this is a great time to give Hammie some extra TLC. Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet lists some great ways to pamper a hamster. Bigger Cage Hammie will spend the majority … Read More »

Adopting a Senior Pet

November 01, 2017

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month? Older pets can make wonderful animal companions, but they often have a very hard time finding new homes. If you are ready to bring another furry friend into your home, please consider adopting an older animal. A Los Gatos, CA vet discusses adopting senior pets in this article. The Benefits of Adopting Senior Pets There are many great reasons to consider adopting a senior … Read More »

Check Your Chip Month

May 01, 2017

May is officially Check Your Chip Month! Is your pet microchipped? If so, that’s wonderful! Getting your furry friend chipped is very important. If your four-legged pal has not been microchipped yet, we strongly suggest that you get this done ASAP. Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses microchips. What Chips Are Microchips are very small, about the size of a grain of rice. They don’t actually transmit information. In fact, each chip only contains … Read More »

Responsible Dog Ownership Month

September 01, 2016

September is officially Responsible Dog Ownership Month! This is a perfect time to go over some important aspects of Fido’s care. Read on as a local San Jose, CA vet discusses some key points of responsible dog ownership. Training All pups should know common doggy obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. If Fido doesn’t have these basics down, he may need to go back to school! Veterinary Care Fido should … Read More »

How to Convince Your Cat to Stay Indoors

March 01, 2016

Have you recently decided to keep your feline buddy inside? If so, you’ve made a great choice. Fluffy is definitely better off indoors, where she is protected from the dangers posed by cars, chemicals, weather, predators, and other kitties. Your pet may not agree with your decision, however, and may even try to override you! You may have to do a bit of pet parenting to convince Fluffy that the indoor life is good, but … Read More »

How to Manage a Cranky Cat

September 01, 2015

Do you have a sour puss on your hands? Just like people, kitties all have their own distinct personalities. Some cats are friendly and sociable, while others can be, well, a bit dour. Below, a Cambrian, CA vet discusses cranky cats. Medical Issues Just like people, kitties often act grumpy when they don’t feel well. If your cat is acting aggressive, hiding, or doesn’t want to be touched, have your vet examine her to rule … Read More »

Paw Care for Dogs

September 01, 2014

Your dog’s paws are pretty important to him—they serve as shock absorbers, help your dog navigate, let your dog communicate, and much more! Keep these essential organs healthy with these five simple tips from a Cambrian vet: Clean Between the Toes It’s easy for small objects like twigs, burrs, stones, and pebbles to get lodged in between your dog’s toes. Check the toes regularly and clean them out, gently removing any objects you find. If … Read More »

How to Stop Your Dog from Counter-Surfing

June 01, 2014

Many dogs like to raid the kitchen counters, searching for any scrumptious morsel they can find. Since a dog could accidentally ingest something dangerous, you should put a stop to this behavior promptly! Learn how below from a Cambrian veterinarian. Prevent Counter-Surfing Consider this: if your dog is rewarded with a tasty treat every time he counter-surfs, he has every reason to keep doing it! Prevent the problem entirely by making sure there isn’t anything … Read More »

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