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5 Ways to Make Your Yard More Dog-Friendly

5 Ways to Make Your Yard More Dog-Friendly

August 15, 2019

Do you have a yard for your canine buddy to run and play in? If so, that’s great! Fido loves being able to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight while chasing squirrels around. However, your cute pet may get bored outdoors if he has nothing to do but stare at the fence. Read on as a Los Gatos, CA vet offers a few helpful tips on making your yard more dog-friendly. Doghouse One of the … Read More »

Love Your Pet Day

February 15, 2019

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! Of course, we think every day is Love Your Pet Day. Our animal companions deserve to feel loved and safe all the time! However, this is a great time to score some extra purrs and tail wags. A local San Jose, CA vet offers tips on pampering your pet in this article. Cats Cats have a reputation for being finicky, but that isn’t really warranted. Fluffy is actually … Read More »

National Dog Day

August 15, 2018

National Dog Day is coming up August 26th! We know, you probably don’t need much of a reason to pamper your canine buddy. Dogs are amazingly loyal and loving pets, who stand by their owners through thick and thin. However, this is a great time to show your furry friend some extra TLC! Read on for some great suggestions from a local Los Gatos, CA vet on how to brighten up Fido’s day. Puppies If … Read More »

Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

February 15, 2018

Did you know there’s a very special doggy holiday coming up? February 23rd is Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day! If there’s one thing our canine pals are pretty much unanimously enthusiastic about, it’s treats. A local Los Gatos, CA vet discusses Fido’s snacks below. Tricks For Treats Treats are great training aids! Fido won’t be particularly impressed by a gold star, so when you’re teaching your pooch a new command, you want to reward him with … Read More »

Keeping Your Dog Active

August 15, 2017

Do you have a playful, frisky pooch? Or is your dog more interested in naps and treats than in running and playing? Our canine friends are generally quite energetic when they are little, but they often slow down as they grow older. In fact, some of our furry buddies are, well, rather lazy. Making sure your dog is getting the right kind—and amount—of activity is very important! Here, a San Jose, CA vet discusses keeping … Read More »

6 Things Your Cat Wants to Know

January 15, 2017

Did you know that January 22 is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? This cute holiday is often overlooked. Cats can certainly be very inquisitive, and even downright nosy. What do you think your kitty would be curious about? Here, a San Jose, CA vet lists some things your cat wants to know. Why Can’t I Go Out? Some cats don’t mind being indoors. Other furballs will stop at nothing in their attempts to get outside. … Read More »

8 Things to Do With Fido This Summer

June 15, 2016

Are you ready for summer? We are! Even though we live in a pleasant climate, summer is still a great time to enjoy some fun in the sun. Our canine buddies also enjoy the warm weather. Read on as a San Jose, CA vet lists some great things for you to do with your dog this summer. Vet Check First things first: before heading off on fun summertime adventures with your dog, make sure that … Read More »

Homemade Holiday Gifts for Fido

December 15, 2015

Are you planning to get Fido some holiday presents this year? Many people like to include their canine friends on their holiday shopping lists. There certainly is no shortage of great gifts you can find for your pooch in stores and online, but if you’re a crafty type, or are trying to save money, you can also make your pup’s presents. A San Jose, CA veterinarian lists some great homemade holiday gifts for dogs in … Read More »

Communicating with Kitties

June 15, 2015

Do you have a feline friend in your home? Kitties make wonderful pets. These cute and lovable furballs certainly do have a special way of making us smile. When it comes to understanding your kitty, you might find that sometimes it’s very clear what your pet wants. Other times, Fluffy may not be so easy to read. In this article, your local San Jose, CA vet discusses communicating with kitties. Vocalizations Did you know that … Read More »

At-Home Eye Care Tips for Dog Owners

March 15, 2014

As with just about any health concern, taking regular preventative steps for your dog’s eye health is far easier—and cheaper—than treating an issue. Use these guidelines from a San Jose veterinarian to keep your dog’s eyes healthy. The Stare Down A few times a month, sit your dog down in a well-lit, quiet area and stare directly into his eyes. The eyes should be clear and bright, and you should be able to see white … Read More »