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Creating a Pet First Aid Kit

Creating a Pet First Aid Kit

April 01, 2019

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month! While we hope that you never have to provide first aid to your furry best friend, it’s always best to be prepared. Accidents and injuries can and do happen! Hopefully it goes without saying that you should immediately seek veterinary care for an injured pet. However, you may need to provide some first aid before you can safely transport your four-legged friend. Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet … Read More »

Grooming Your Bunny

October 01, 2018

Bunnies are absolutely adorable little pets. That soft fur makes them super huggable! However, rabbits do need a little help with their beauty routines. Here, a San Jose, CA vet discusses grooming your bunny. Brushing There are several benefits to brushing Floppy regularly. First and foremost, it will remove dead fur and dander from her coat. This is important, because it will reduce the risk of Floppy swallowing her own fur. You probably know what … Read More »

How to Pamper a Bunny

April 01, 2018

Happy Easter! Whether you celebrate the spring holiday, or perhaps just indulge in a few seasonal treats, you’ll likely notice bunny photos all over stores and social media. This is a great time to talk about Floppy, and what it takes to keep her happy! Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses basic bunny care. Adopt Wisely Unfortunately, this is a bad time of year for our floppy-eared friends. It’s still much too common for … Read More »

Tips on Adopting a Shelter Dog

October 01, 2017

Are you planning to adopt a new canine buddy soon? Congratulations! We are always thrilled to see dogs going to good forever homes. Since October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, this is a great time to discuss adopting shelter dogs. Read on for helpful doggy adoption tips from a Los Gatos, CA vet. Benefits of Adopting From Shelters There are many reasons to get Fido from a shelter. You’ll not only be able to … Read More »

Exercising a Senior Dog

April 01, 2017

Is your dog approaching—or already in—his golden years? Senior dogs are extremely cute and lovable! Fido’s needs will change as he ages, however. Making sure your pet gets the right type and amount of exercise is very important, and can go a long way towards keeping your faithful friend happy and healthy as he ages. Read on as a local San Jose, CA vet discusses exercising an older pooch. Walking Regular walks are a great … Read More »

Safe Foods for Guinea Pigs

August 01, 2016

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? These little guys make really cute and fun pets, and are very popular as children’s pets. While Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, aren’t difficult to care for, you do want to do some research, as there are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. One thing that is very important is knowing what foods are and are not safe for your tiny pet. Below, a Cambrian, … Read More »

Bunny Nutrition

February 01, 2016

Have you recently brought a bunny into your home? Congratulations! You’ve definitely chosen a charming pet. Bunnies have been charming the socks off us for centuries with their adorable faces and cute personalities. While these little furballs aren’t difficult to care for, they do have some very specific needs. Proper veterinary care is of course very important. You’ll also need to provide Floppy with a comfy habitat and plenty of safe and suitable chew toys. … Read More »

Celebrating Goofy Dogs

August 01, 2015

Is your dog a big, goofy ball of fur with a heart of gold? Do you often find yourself chuckling at Fido’s silly antics? Just like people, our canine friends all have their own unique personalities. Some are very serious and reserved, while others are outgoing and friendly. Then there are the lovably goofy dogs, those adorable pups that have a way of finding special places in our hearts and homes! Below, a Cambrian, CA … Read More »

Will a Rat Make a Good Pet?

August 01, 2014

Many people wouldn’t think of a rat as the first choice for a family pet. The truth is, though, that rats can make wonderful, friendly, lovable pets for a family that understands them. Learn more below from a Cambrian vet. Rat Behavior Rats are intelligent, lively, and social animals. They’ll actually be happiest when kept with another rat, so you might consider getting two at a time! With plenty of human contact, rats will become … Read More »

Preventing Springtime Allergies in Pets

May 01, 2014

May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness month. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for pets that suffer from allergies. However, springtime allergies can be managed successfully if you know what to do—try these tips from a Cambrian veterinarian to help your pet deal with their seasonal allergy symptoms. Medication Of course, allergy medications are the first line of defense for a pet suffering from seasonal allergic reactions. Just as for humans, these medicines have proven to … Read More »