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Setting Up a Guinea Pig Cage

Setting Up a Guinea Pig Cage

October 15, 2017

Have you recently decided to adopt a Guinea pig? These little furballs make very adorable little pets! Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are often chosen as pets for small children, and with good reason. They’re not only super cute, they’re also very gentle and easy to care for. One of the biggest parts of good Guinea pig care is making sure your tiny buddy is comfortable in his cage. Here, a Los Gatos, CA … Read More »

Simple Guidelines for Good Guinea Pig Care

March 15, 2015

Your newly adopted guinea pig Sammy is one lucky rodent. You found this charming guy through an animal rescue group, and he has already explored every inch of his roomy new apartment. Although your furry pet is larger than your pet rats, he’s a mellow, sociable companion who isn’t likely to scratch or bite. Now that Sammy has settled into his home, your Cambrian veterinarian will give him a new patient exam. The vet will … Read More »