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6 Ways to Keep Your Senior Cat Comfortable

6 Ways to Keep Your Senior Cat Comfortable

September 15, 2016

Is your feline friend entering her senior years? Senior kitties are just as cute as kittens in their own way. As Fluffy ages, she may become more cuddly, and she’ll somehow manage to sleep even more than usual. Of course, proper veterinary care and a good diet will still be crucial to your cat’s health in her golden years. There are also some things you can do at home to keep Fluffy happy, comfy, and … Read More »

Your Senior Cat Will Appreciate Her Top-Notch Care

May 15, 2015

Your newly adopted senior cat Lucy can look forward to a very comfy life. You just brought this deserving ten-year-old girl home from your city’s animal shelter. She’ll enjoy a comfortable bed, a faux jewel collar, and an entire bin of cat toys. Besides spoiling your feline housemate rotten, you’ll provide her with excellent veterinary care. Tomorrow, Lucy will visit your San Jose vet for a new patient exam and a tailored senior health program. … Read More »

Your Cat’s Fur

January 15, 2015

Your cat’s fur is one of the things that makes her unique. Whether your furball is a tortie, calico, tuxedo, tabby, solid color, or any other fur pattern variation, that pretty coat is one of her charms. In this article, your local vet San Jose goes over some basics of your kitty’s fur and how to take care of it. Grooming When it comes to grooming, our feline friends are generally very diligent about keeping … Read More »