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Exercising a Senior Dog

Exercising a Senior Dog

April 01, 2017

Is your dog approaching—or already in—his golden years? Senior dogs are extremely cute and lovable! Fido’s needs will change as he ages, however. Making sure your pet gets the right type and amount of exercise is very important, and can go a long way towards keeping your faithful friend happy and healthy as he ages. Read on as a local San Jose, CA vet discusses exercising an older pooch. Walking Regular walks are a great … Read More »

Doggy Toys 101

August 15, 2016

Does your dog sometimes run to you, holding his favorite toy? It’s hard to resist this adorable request for puppy playtime! Fido’s playful streak is definitely one of his more endearing traits. Just make sure that your canine friend’s toy box contains only safe and suitable playthings. A San Jose, CA vet discusses doggy toys in this article. Choosing Suitable Toys Doggy toys are definitely not one-size-fits-all. Choosing the right size toy is very important! … Read More »