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Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

May 15, 2018

Do you sometimes leave your canine friend home by himself while you go off to earn money for pet food and doggy treats? Most dogs can do just fine by themselves while their owners are at work. However, there are some things you can do to make sure that Fido stays happy, healthy, and safe while you are out. Read on as a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses leaving your furry buddy home alone. Exercise … Read More »

Signs of Stress in Dogs

July 15, 2017

Man’s Best Friend has been our friend and companions for thousands of years. While we’ve had time to get to know Fido pretty well, it can be easy to forget that dogs don’t think the way we do, and they don’t express things the way we do. One thing that can be easy for people to overlook or misinterpret is an indication of stress in dogs. Read on as a San Jose, CA vet lists … Read More »

5 Important Tips for Camping with Fido

June 01, 2015

Are you planning a few getaways this summer? Many of us love heading into the wild to relax and unwind, and just get away from it all. Our canine friends can make great camping buddies! When it comes to camping with your pooch, you’ll want to be sure to put Fido’s safety first. In this article, a local San Jose, CA vet lists five crucial tips for camping with dogs. Preventative Care Make sure Fido … Read More »

Your Dog’s Regular Walks Bring Valuable Benefits

May 01, 2015

Your retriever mix Dakota enjoys his walks more than anything else in the world. Three times daily, your rambunctious four-year-old pooch grabs his leash for another exciting expedition. Each time, he wants to explore one more street or take an additional lap around the park. Your San Jose veterinarian is happy that Dakota has created a do-it-yourself exercise program. Each vigorous trek helps to strengthen your dog’s muscles and maintain his flexibility. He also enjoys … Read More »

Your Begging Dog

January 01, 2015

It’s probably safe to say that Man’s Best Friend mastered the soulful stare that he uses on us at dinnertime quite some time ago, perhaps in the earliest days of our longstanding friendship. Dogs have really mastered the art of begging. Those big sad eyes, that pathetic ‘Feed-me-I’m-starving’ expression, and that tiny heartbreaking whimper all work wonders on us. Many of us regularly give in and fork over tidbits from our plates as soon as … Read More »

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Dogs and Chewing

November 01, 2014

Do you ever come home to find your dog has chewed up shoes, purses, couch cushions, or other objects that are not food? Chewing is actually a natural behavior in dogs, as it helps stimulate saliva, which keeps canine teeth clean, and also gives dogs a bit of a jaw workout. That said, dogs are quite capable of learning what they should and should not be chewing on, so if your canine buddy is eating … Read More »

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How to Stop Your Dog from Counter-Surfing

June 01, 2014

Many dogs like to raid the kitchen counters, searching for any scrumptious morsel they can find. Since a dog could accidentally ingest something dangerous, you should put a stop to this behavior promptly! Learn how below from a Cambrian veterinarian. Prevent Counter-Surfing Consider this: if your dog is rewarded with a tasty treat every time he counter-surfs, he has every reason to keep doing it! Prevent the problem entirely by making sure there isn’t anything … Read More »

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