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Caring for a Fluffy Cat

Caring for a Fluffy Cat

April 15, 2018

Do you have a longhaired kitty? If so, it’s probably safe to say that you have a beautiful pet. However, your feline buddy may need some extra TLC! Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses caring for fluffy cats. Grooming Our feline friends are very diligent about keeping up with their beauty rituals. Your furball may spend several hours a day grooming herself to keep her fur soft and shiny. Your kitty will need a … Read More »

Helpful Tips for Bathing Your Cat

October 15, 2015

Do you bathe your cat? While kitties are very good at grooming themselves and keeping that pretty fur looking soft and shiny, some people do prefer to give their cats baths. There’s no harm in bathing your cat once in a while, as long as you do it safely. A San Jose, CA veterinarian discusses bathing cats in this article. Supplies First, a light shopping trip is in order. You’ll need to get full body … Read More »

Your Senior Cat Will Appreciate Her Top-Notch Care

May 15, 2015

Your newly adopted senior cat Lucy can look forward to a very comfy life. You just brought this deserving ten-year-old girl home from your city’s animal shelter. She’ll enjoy a comfortable bed, a faux jewel collar, and an entire bin of cat toys. Besides spoiling your feline housemate rotten, you’ll provide her with excellent veterinary care. Tomorrow, Lucy will visit your San Jose vet for a new patient exam and a tailored senior health program. … Read More »