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Wellness & Vaccinations

You love your pet. Actually, you consider them to be more than just an animal, but a special part of your family. As such, you want to enjoy as many years of companionship as possible with your four-legged friend.

At Camden Pet Hospital, we believe that when it comes to keeping your pet happy and healthy, prevention is always the best medicine. Our goal is to work with you, every step of the way, to both improve and extend your pet’s life and the best way to accomplish this goal is to make a commitment to ongoing wellness care.

My pet doesn’t seem sick. Do I really have to bring them in?

One of the biggest mistakes that otherwise responsible pet owners make is believing that veterinary care is only needed when their animal friend is sick or has been injured. To the contrary, quality care involves preventing those illnesses and injuries from occurring in the first place.

The fact is companion animals age at a much faster rate than humans do. That means that diseases can develop much more rapidly with devastating results. In many cases, even animals that appear to be perfectly healthy on the outside could actually be harboring dangerous secrets on the inside. The most important tool we have for managing the health of our pets is routine wellness care.

What can wellness care do for my pet?

The two most important component of wellness care are the opportunities it presents for our doctors to both prevent disease and detect it in the most timely and effective manner. When we see your pet on a regular basis (typically once per year), we can take proactive measures to ward off many of the dangers that could impact his or her health. These preventative measures – such as vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition and weight management – help to keep your pet safe, healthy and fit.

If and when disease does present itself, routine wellness care allows us to catch it in its earliest stages. Some conditions can be treated and cured, while others can be adequately managed when they are caught early, providing a much better prognosis for your pet. This also saves you money in the long run, since it’s always less expensive to address disease early on than it is to treat it once it’s progressed.

What exactly does a wellness visit entail?

Wellness visits at Camden Pet Hospital are similar to your annual checkup with your own doctor. Our vets will conduct a thorough “nose to tail” physical examination to ensure that your companion’s body is functioning just as it should. We’ll evaluate your pet’s vision and hearing, listen to his or her heart and lungs, check joint function and muscle tone, and conduct a number of other important diagnostic tests.

The information we gather during wellness exams gives us a clear picture of your pet’s overall current health, as well as a baseline for comparison during future visits. When we know what’s considered “normal” for your pet, we’re better able to identify the signs of a potential problem if and when it occurs. The more we know about your pet, the better prepared we are to deliver the most precise and effective care throughout his or her lifetime.

Getting to know you…

Lastly, although certainly not least, routine wellness visits allow us to establish a relationship with you and your pet and to build a sense of trust that is so important in veterinary care. We consider you to be an integral part of your pet’s health care team, and we encourage you to take an active role by asking questions, voicing your concerns and just starting a dialogue with us. When we work together, as a team, we can provide your cherished friend with the best chance at enjoying a long, healthy life.

Wellness Plans and Packages

As pets age, their health care needs change. Puppies and kittens require health care that is vastly different from the needs of adult and senior pets, and vice versa. At Camden Pet Hospital, we understand your pet’s unique health care needs and aim to provide complete care at every stage of life. We offer comprehensive wellness care packages for animals of all ages. Some of these packages include the following.

Puppy & KittenSenior
Caring for the newest member of your family takes a lot of work. We want to help get that four-legged critter on the path to a lifetime of good health with our puppy and kitten wellness packages. These plans include all of the basic necessities for supporting the needs of young pets, and are also customizable to address the unique needs of each patient.

With these packages, your new puppy or kitten will receive:

  • Comprehensive physical exams
  • Fecal evaluation, deworming, and external parasite treatment as needed
  • Vaccinations
  • Schedule for parasite prevention
  • Microchip placement
  • General nutrition and behavior information

For pre-paid puppy/kitten packages, we provide a generous discount of 20% off the cost of vaccine packages. What’s more, when you purchase a vaccine package, we’ll also give you 10% off your pet’s spay/neuter procedure. Give us a call today to schedule your puppy or kitten’s first examination!

Like it or not, pets age at a much faster than people. A pet reaches his or her “senior years” between the ages of five and seven, depending on his or her species and breed. For senior pets, prevention is the key to good health. We want to make sure that you and your senior pet enjoy as many happy, healthy years together as possible. Our special senior pet wellness program includes:

  • Annual or semi-annual complete physical examination
  • Blood evaluation
  • X-rays of chest, abdomen and other indicated areas
  • Careful evaluation of the mouth for infection and/or cavities
  • Monitor growths or changes that may be cancerous
  • Urinalysis and culture/sensitivity
  • Discussion of changes in body weight, physical aging changes and cognitive dysfunction

You are an important ally in your senior pet’s health care. If your older dog or cat exhibits changes in behavior, function, or personality, please let us know – these changes could be symptoms of disease or age-related conditions.

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