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Nutrition & Weight Management

Imagine feeding your children food out of a box that you just randomly grabbed off the shelf at the supermarket. They might not like it very much, but more importantly, it probably won’t adequately meet their nutritional needs.

A balanced diet isn’t only important for your human family members. In fact, the right food, coupled with daily exercise, can really help your pet reach his or her fullest potential. And what about weight? You know that a healthy weight is important for your children’s wellness. It’s the same for our pets.

The problem is, with dozens, if not hundreds of different products to choose from and much confusion surrounding the topic of weight, it can be challenging to really know for sure whether you are properly managing your companion’s nutrition and weight control needs. What you need is the guidance of an expert.

Camden Pet Hospital offers professional nutritional counseling and weight management services. We’ll start by analyzing your pet’s current health to determine what his or her precise nutritional needs are. We’ll examine your companion and take into consideration such important factors as age, breed, current weight and the existence of any medical problems. Then, we’ll use this information to provide specific food recommendations. We’ll even advise you on how much and how often to feed your pet to avoid overdoing it.

Next, we’ll tackle the topic of weight. Animals that carry just a few extra pounds can be at a higher risk of developing a number of serious health conditions, such as diabetes. Conversely, pets that don’t weigh enough are more susceptible to injury or illness. We’ll determine what weight range would be ideal for your particular pet, and then help develop a plan to achieve those goals, and maintain them over time.

Finally, we will reevaluate your pet’s plan every so often to make sure it’s still as effective as it was originally designed to be. As animals age, their needs change, including those relating to nutrition and weight control. We’ll make any necessary adjustments as needed to help keep your pet’s diet and exercise aligned perfectly with his or her changing needs.

Don’t play a guessing game with your animal companion’s well being. Put our professional nutritional counseling and weight management services to work for you. We can design a customized diet and exercise plan that will truly bring out the best in your furry friend.

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