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Critical Care & 24/7 Emergency

Pet emergencies can occur to anyone at any time. The most important thing is knowing who to call should your four-legged friend require urgent veterinary care. At Camden Pet Hospital, we have an experienced veterinarian and support team on duty, 5 days a week, all of whom are trained and equipped to handle just about any medical emergency. We’re prepared to step in and manage even the most critical care situation with swiftness and efficiency.

Our hospital is outfitted with all of the tools, technology and equipment needed to manage all of your pet’s emergency medical, diagnostic or surgical care needs. We’re here to help, whether the condition is urgent, where our team would need to step in and take the necessary measures to save your pet’s life, or you’re dealing with a non life-threatening condition that you simply feel warrants immediate care.

Veterinary emergencies can range from obvious things like being hit by a car to more subtle situations, such as suspecting that your pet may have ingested something toxic. If, at any time during our normal business hours, you feel as though your pet need urgent medical attention, do not hesitate to call or bring them in for immediate care. Whenever possible, we always advise calling ahead so that we may assess the situation, provide advice and guidance, and better prepare for your pet’s arrival.

For after hours emergencies, we work with a number of local 24/7 urgent care facilities. These clinics are located within five miles of our hospital location and are well equipped to handle any urgent veterinary care need your pet may face. We recommend the following veterinary emergency care clinic:

United Veterinary Speciality & Emergency
5440 Thornwood Drive
San Jose, Ca 95123

For Saturday or acute care:
Oakridge Veterinary Clinic
5440 Thornwood Drive Suite E
San Jose, CA 95123

Rest assured that should your companion experience a medical emergency, he or she will receive the best possible care, either with us or with one of our trusted resources. Whatever critical care situation you and your pet are facing, you can feel confident that you’ll never be alone!

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