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Our Team

Dr. Walter Hoge
Director, Senior Staff Veterinarian
Dr. Hoge spent a good portion of his youth exploring riverbanks for wild animals, listening to his mother tell stories about ranch life, reading about the animal kingdom, or raising and collecting animals. He was always interested in biology and wanted to help animals when they were sick or injured—a career as a veterinarian was the perfect way to do that!

Dr. Hoge grew up in Blackfoot, Idaho. During high school, he enrolled in vocational agriculture classes and became a member of the Future Farmers of America organization. It wasn’t long before he began wondering how to work with animals for the rest of his life! He attended the University of Idaho before enrolling in Purdue University’s Animal Science Master’s program. After finishing his Master’s, he continued on to receive his DVM degree.

In 1976, Dr. Hoge fulfilled his dream of owning his own practice. He’s now practiced full-time at Camden Pet Hospital for almost 40 years—many of his clients have become life-long friends! Dr. Hoge particularly enjoys surgery, and also likes helping a young pet get a good start in life.

At home, Dr. Hoge has two pets: Maui, an 11-year-old Labrador retriever who enjoys long walks with Dr. Hoge, and a rescued cat named Momma Cat.

Dr. Hoge has five children and 13 grandchildren. Most of his free time is spent with his family, and he also enjoys family vacations, reunions, and a yearly cruise trip.
Dr. Jeremy Hoge
Vice President, Veterinarain
Veterinary medicine runs in Jeremy Hoge’s family—his father owns Camden Pet Hospital, and his uncle and brother’s father-in-law also work in the field—and he always wanted to help animals and their families. Now he gets to do just that, working with his father as a Veterinarian and the Vice President of Camden Pet Hospital!

Jeremy grew up in San Jose, California. He moved to Arizona to pursue a degree in psychology, but quickly realized he found working with animals to be much more fulfilling. He was accepted to veterinary school at Western University of Health Sciences in Southern California. After graduation, he moved back to San Jose to work at his father’s clinic.

Dr. Hoge has a special passion for surgery, which he finds challenging and rewarding both physically and mentally. He also likes solving the mystery of medical cases and sharpening his own knowledge.
In 2010, Jeremy married his wife, Heather. They have two sons, Ivan, who was born in 2012, and Paul in 2014. The family has two patient dogs: Roo, a Golden Retriever/Lab mix rescue, and Rex, another Lab mix. Guinea pigs Ozzy and Fuzzbucket round out the family!

Outside of work, Dr. Hoge enjoys sports, having grown up playing a number of them through high school and college. He also enjoys working out, running, and relaxing with friends and family.
Dr. Nora Szeto
Associate Veterinarian
Dr. Nora Szeto’s veterinary journey began with her grandfather—he was a veterinarian in China, and used to tell young Dr. Szeto all kinds of stories about the animals he had cared for over the years. That inspiration, coupled with Dr. Szeto’s personal experiences connecting with her own pets, made one thing very clear: she wanted to become a veterinarian herself!

Dr. Szeto grew up in the East Bay, where she first started volunteering for animal welfare causes. She attended the University of California, Davis, for her undergraduate degree in animal science, then worked as a Laboratory Animal Technician for a year while applying to veterinary schools. Dr. Szeto would continue on to complete her Doctoral degree at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

In the spring of 2019, Dr. Szeto moved to the San Jose area and joined the Camden Pet Hospital team as an Associate Veterinarian in May. Medically, she loves dermatology work and treating physical injuries, but her favorite part of her job involves the patients and pet owners she sees every day. For Dr. Szeto, nothing beats helping a pet parent know how to best care for their animal companion!

Aside from her interests in veterinary medicine, Dr. Szeto enjoys baking desserts, practicing her photography skills, hiking, and figure skating. She’s skated since she was young, and credits the sport with teaching her the work ethic that helped her become a veterinarian! She also loves to dote on her own animal companions at home; her dog Cleo was adopted during Dr. Szeto’s first year of veterinary school and loves to accompany her on her hiking adventures, and Olive, a sassy tortoiseshell cat, was adopted during Dr. Szeto’s third year.

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