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6 Ways To Keep Fluffy Fit

October 15, 2019

October 9th was Pet Obesity Awareness Day! We certainly do have our fair share of pudgy patients. Your kitty may look cute if she’s a bit round, but she’ll be much healthier at a normal weight. But how do you get a cat to work out? A bit of trickery, a touch of bribery, and lots of TLC! A Los Gatos, CA vet offers some tips on keeping your cat in shape below.

Portion Control

Did you know that giving your cat just ten calories too much each day can cause her to gain a pound a year. That’s actually quite a lot for a kitty! Pay attention to your pet’s portion sizes.

Healthy Treats

Just like most other pets, kitties love treats. It’s fine to give Fluffy special snacks, but don’t go overboard. Stick to small amounts of healthy treats, like plain, cooked meat, fish, or chicken, without the skin, bones, or fat.


Playtime is great, but you can’t spend all of your time holding a laser pointer. Make sure Fluffy has some toys that she can play with by herself. Kitties all have their own unique tastes, so offer your pet a variety and see what she likes best. This will also help keep your furry pal from boredom snacking.


Kittens are very active and playful, but they slow down as they grow older. One way to keep your feline buddy moving is to play with her daily. Use toys that you can control, like a wand toy or laser pointer. Fluffy will have more fun if you make playtime challenging for her!

Kitty Furniture

Get Fluffy some pieces of furniture that will encourage her to jump and climb. Cat towers are great for this! Kitties also enjoy newspaper tunnels, box castles, and catwalks.


Want to go all-out? Consider teaching Fluffy to walk on a leash. This isn’t necessarily a good option for all kitties, though: if your furball has always been an indoor-only pet, it’s probably best to just leave well enough alone. However, if your kitty was allowed to go outside in the past, keeps trying to get out, and/or is just a little handful of energy, she may enjoy daily strolls. Ask your vet for tips on getting her trained.

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