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Does Your Kitty Have A Cattitude?

September 01, 2019

Cats are small, but they certainly have big purrsonalities. Some are very loving and cuddly, while others are rather cantankerous and grouchy. Of course, Fluffy’s temperament can also change with her mood. You may find that at times your cute little pet has a bit of a cattitude. A Los Gatos, CA vet discusses Fluffy’s mood swings in this article.

Love Bites

One thing that can be rather confusing about our feline pals is the fact that, unlike most animals, they sometimes bite out of playfulness, or even as a sign of affection. What’s that all about? Well, Fluffy is more or less wired to enjoy pouncing and jumping on things. This is partly because of cats’ strong hunting instincts. It’s also just fun for her! Kitties can easily get confused about what is and isn’t acceptable behavior, especially if they are allowed to pounce on fingers and toes as kittens. This is one habit you want to nip in the bud! When your cat bites you, blow in her face or tell her ‘No’ and then ignore her for a while. Also, offer your furball plenty of toys to take her aggression out on.

Superior Furball

Do you sometimes find your furball looking at you with a superior, disdainful expression? Kitties certainly have purrfected that smug, self-satisfied expression. If Fluffy looks annoyed, however, it’s best to just let her be.

To Pet or Not To Pet

Kitties have some pretty strict rules about when and how they can be petted, and for how long. Never force Fluffy to submit to getting held or petted. It’s much better to let her decide when it’s cuddle time. (Of course, she will probably demand attention while you’re busy, and ignore you when you’re relaxing, but that’s kind of just what cats do.)

Warning Signs

Cats can be hard to read at times. (Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement.) However, Fluffy gives off some very clear signals when she is truly getting angry. If your pet growls, lashes her tail, poofs her fur, hisses, or flattens her ears, well, you have an angry cat on your hands. Don’t try to pet your feisty furball or pick her up. Just walk away and leave her alone until she calms down.

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