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How to Spoil a Guinea Pig

July 15, 2019

July 16 is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day! Guinea pigs—also known as cavies—are very cute and charming, and can really make lovable little pets. Read on as a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses how to spoil a Guinea pig.


Toys are important for all pets. They keep our animal friends active and entertained, and prevent boredom. Chew toys are particularly important for Guinea pigs, as they need to chew so much. You can make many chew toys out of ordinary household items, like paper and cardboard. Look online for great DIY ideas.


If there’s one thing all our furry patients enjoy, it’s snacks. Feel free to give your little buddy something yummy for this special occasion. Just be sure to stick to food that are safe for cavies. Some good options are pears, apples, bananas, pineapples, melons, peaches, plums, and mandarins. Remember to remove the seeds first. Your pet can occasionally have small amounts of certain berries, such as blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries, as well. Your cavy may also enjoy an organic Vitamin C chew. Ask your vet for more information on safe and unsafe foods.


Guinea pigs are very sociable, and tend to get sad and depressed without playmates. Actually, in Switzerland, it’s illegal to own just one. If you only have a single cavy, get your tiny buddy a friend or two to hang out with. Your pet will be happier, and you’ll get to enjoy twice the cuteness!


Did you know that Guinea pigs can learn some charming tricks? You may be able to teach your pint-sized pal some simple commands, like going in circles or jumping through hoops. This can be a fun way to bond with your cute pet and spend time with him.


Speaking of cages, why not give your Guinea pig’s habitat an upgrade? If you don’t want to sacrifice more floor space, consider getting one with two or even three stories.


Just like any other pet, Guinea pigs are happiest when they feel loved and cared for. Unlike most smaller pets, many of these adorable furballs even enjoy cuddling. In fact, some cavies will fall asleep in their owners’ laps. Spend some quality time with your pint-sized pal today!

Do you have questions about caring for a Guinea pig? Please contact us, your Los Gatos, CA vet clinic, anytime.