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Introducing Dr. Nora Szeto

May 24, 2019

Here at Camden Pet Hospital, your Los Gatos, CA vet clinic, we have some wonderful news, which we are pawsitively thrilled to share. As of May 2019, Dr. Nora Szeto has officially joined our staff!


Dr. Szeto started on the path to becoming a veterinarian when she was very young. A love of helping animals runs in her family. Her grandfather, who was himself a veterinarian in China, used to fascinate her by telling her about all the animals he helped. Like many of us, she also developed strong bonds with her own pets at an early age. These two things, combined, led her to her calling.


Dr. Szeto took her first steps toward becoming a vet by volunteering for animal welfare causes in the East Bay, where she grew up. She earned an undergraduate degree in animal science from UC Davis, and then went on to earn a doctoral degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

A True Calling

There is no question that Dr. Szeto has chosen the right field. She particularly enjoys helping heal injured pets, and is also drawn to dermatology work. That said, her favorite part of the job is meeting new pets and their owners, and helping teach people how to keep their animal companions happy and healthy.


In her spare time, Dr. Szeto enjoys photography and hiking, which make a great combination. She’s been a figure skater since childhood, and notes that the discipline and ethics she learned from skating have helped her immensely in the world of veterinary medicine. She also enjoys baking desserts, a skill that the rest of the team is more than happy to offer feedback on. As often as needed. Especially on Mondays.


Like most (if not all) veterinarians, Dr. Szeto has some beloved—and adorable—pets of her own. Her lovable canine companion, Cleo, has been with her for several years. In fact, she adopted Cleo during her first year of veterinary school. Like Dr. Szeto, Cleo absolutely loves hiking, and has happily accompanied her owner on many beautiful treks. Two years after Cleo’s adoption, Olive, a cute tortoiseshell kitty with a bit of a ‘cattitude,’ joined the household. (We suspect that they’re both a little pampered.)

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