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4 Ways To Fight Fleas

May 15, 2019

Have you noticed your furry friend itching lately? If so, your beloved pet may be dealing with a flea infestation. These disgusting parasites will not only make your four-legged buddy miserably itchy, they can also transmit other parasites, like tapeworms. Read on as a local Los Gatos, CA vet offers tips on fighting fleas.

Parasite Control Products

First things first. Be sure to keep up with your furry pal’s parasite control products. There are now many different options available, such as oral medications, topical drops, sprays, collars, and shampoos. Ask your vet for specific advice. Never double up on these products. For instance, if you just gave Fido a topical drop, don’t bathe him in flea shampoo. This could expose your pup to unsafe level of pesticides.


Vacuuming regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep your home flea-free. Every day, take a few minutes to go over high-traffic areas. Then, every week or so, do a more thorough vacuuming. When you are done, empty the bag or canister into a plastic bag. Seal the bag, and then immediately dispose of it outdoors. This helps prevent re-infestation by ensuring that any eggs you vacuumed up won’t hatch inside. If you like to take your canine buddy on car rides, vacuum your car out as well.


Wash your pet’s bedding regularly. You’ll want to use hot water and unscented detergent. If your animal companion’s bed is too big to fit into the washer, vacuum it. If it’s made of cloth, you can also try running an iron over it. Test a small area first, and be careful not to burn it!


Keeping your property neat and clean will also help with flea infestations. Fleas like to lurk in tall grasses, so mowing your lawn regularly will help keep them away. You’ll also want to pick up debris, such as dead leaves and branches. That sort of thing can make a very tempting hideaway for unwanted guests! If you have hedges around your home, keep them trimmed, so the branches don’t touch your house. Gardens are another area to look at. Pick up fallen produce right away: it can attract animals that carry fleas.

Is your pet due for parasite control? Please reach out to us, your local Los Gatos, CA vet clinic, anytime. We are always happy to help!