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Answering Your Cat’s Questions

January 15, 2019

There’s a special kitty holiday around the corner: January 22 is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! If your feline pal could voice her questions, what do you think she would be the most curious about? A local Los Gatos, CA vet offers a few educated guesses below.

Why Do You Take My Toys Away?

Kitties, as you may have noticed, are quite playful and frisky. Unfortunately, Fluffy doesn’t really understand what is and isn’t safe for her to play with. If you take a safety pin away from your furball, she may look a bit insulted, but don’t feel bad. It’s for her own good!

Is It Cuddle Time Yet?

It may seem like Fluffy doesn’t do much more than sleep. However, there are a few kitty duties she takes very seriously, such as being an official cuddler.

Why Are You Still Sleeping?

Fluffy is both a sleep aid and an alarm clock. Having a purring cat cuddled up with you is very relaxing. A hungry kitty that jumps on top of you when she wants breakfast? Not so much.

Why Did You Move Me?

Have you ever plucked your pet from a spot she didn’t belong in, such as your dresser drawer or perhaps the top of your counter? Fluffy may give an adorable little meow of protest at the indignity of being relocated!

What Is That Little Red Dot?

Kitties are adorable when they are running and pouncing on things. They’re also pretty cute when they are confused. Fortunately for us, Fluffy may never figure out her elusive prey!

Why Did You Interrupt My Peticure?

Fluffy isn’t trying to ruin your couch: she’s just hard-wired to take good care of her claws. After all, her survival would depend on them in the wild!

Why Are You Making Me Go To The Vet?

Proper veterinary care is very important. However, your feline friend might not see it that way. Fluffy only knows that she is getting put into her carrier, taken for a car ride, and then brought to a strange place!

Why Don’t You Understand String Theory?

Kitties certainly are full of mysterious quirks. Fluffy may not understand that red dot, but who knows? She may be an expert on quantum physics!

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