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Adopting a Senior Dog

November 01, 2018

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! While we’re always happy to see any new pet going to a great home, adoptable senior pets do need a bit of extra attention. Read on as a San Jose, CA vet discusses adopting an older dog.

Benefits of Getting An Older Pet

Senior dogs can really make great pets. For one thing, they are absolutely adorable. Older dogs are often very sweet, calm, and affectionate. You may also find that your new furry friend is very loving and loyal. Another great thing about old dogs is the fact that they are very calm, and less likely to engage in destructive behaviors like digging or chewing. Senior pooches also don’t need as much activity or exercise as younger dogs. This makes them perfect for anyone who can’t keep up with a playful, energetic pet. Plus, most dogs in their golden years have already been trained, and should know basic commands.

Getting Ready

Before you bring Fido home, you’ll need to do some shopping. We strongly recommend getting a good doggy bed, such as an orthopedic bed. Your canine pal may also need pet ramps to help him climb stairs and/or get in and out of the car. Raised doggy dishes are another small luxury that can keep your furry buddy comfortable. You’ll want to get a few toys, but don’t go too crazy here: older dogs are usually more interested in napping and collecting belly rubs than in playing.

Veterinary Care

A trip to the vet’s should definitely be on the agenda for that first week. Most likely, Fido will already have been fixed, but you’ll want to make sure he is microchipped and current on all parasite control products and vaccines. While you’re there, get some professional advice on your dog’s diet and care needs.

Helping Fido Settle In

You may want to get Fido set up in a quiet back room initially, to help him settle in. He may sleep a lot at first. This is normal. Being in a shelter is very stressful for pets, so your canine friend may need to recuperate. Don’t force attention on your new pet: just offer great care for now. Toys, treats, and belly rubs will help you get that cute tail going.

Do you have questions about senior dog care? Contact us, your San Jose, CA vet clinic, anytime!