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Halloween Dangers for Pets

October 15, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner! The autumn holiday is getting a bit more popular every year. Unfortunately, this time of year can be dangerous for our furry pals. Read on as a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses Halloween dangers for pets.


We have to admit, dogs can be pretty adorable in costume. Fido makes a super cute dinosaur! However, keep your canine friend’s comfort and safety in mind when picking out clothes for him. First and foremost, avoid putting your pup in anything that is hot, tight, or itchy. Make sure his costume won’t restrict his vision or movements, and doesn’t have small pieces he may try to eat. Keep in mind that some pooches just don’t like wearing clothes. If your furry friend seems scared or uncomfortable, just put a bowtie on his collar or hang a bandana around his neck. As for Fluffy, cats generally hate being dressed up, so we recommend leaving your feline buddy in her birthday suit.


Those yummy candies aren’t safe for our furry pals. Many Halloween candies contain ingredients that are toxic to Fido and Fluffy, such as chocolate, nuts, raisins, and xylitol. Hard candies can pose serious choking hazards, as can candy wrappers. Keep the candy dish in a spot your pet can’t access.


Increased traffic on Halloween night can also pose a danger to pets. Keep Fido on a short leash when walking him. If your pooch has a yard to play in, limit his outdoor time on Halloween: he may get excited by all the pedestrians.


Spooky decorations can be lots of fun, but they aren’t really safe for pets. Things like fake spiderwebs and fake tombstones can be very dangerous if ingested, and are also choking hazards. Keep these things out of paws’ reach.


As you have probably noticed, Man’s Best Friend is a pretty enthusiastic door guy. If your canine pal gets overexcited—or overprotective—when the doorbell rings, keep him in a back room with food, treats, toys, and bedding when the trick-or-treaters begin to arrive.


Cats, especially black cats, are at heightened risk of being stolen or injured at this time of year. Keep Fluffy indoors for a week or two around Halloween.

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