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7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Pet Hydrated

July 15, 2018

July is Pet Hydration Month! Making sure your pet is getting enough water is always important, but it’s particularly crucial in summer. Read on as a local Los Gatos, CA vet offers advice on keeping your furry friend properly hydrated.


First and foremost, make sure your pet always has fresh water. Choosing the right size bowl is also important. If you often find the bowl empty, you may need a larger one. (Tip: if you want to measure your furry pal’s water intake, fill the bowl at the same time/s every day.)

Multiple Stations

Are your pet’s water bowls often dry? Set out more than one watering station. If your furry buddy spends time outdoors, keep a water bowl outside as well. Be sure to wash the bowls daily, so grime and bacteria don’t build up.

Automated Waterers

Automated waterers can also help entice pets to drink more. As it turns out, many dogs and cats actually prefer to drink running water. We also recommend this for people with kitties that like tap water.


Sodium-free fish, chicken, or beef broth is a great treat for both Fido and Fluffy. Offer your pet a small bowl on hot days. Just check the label first, to be sure it doesn’t contain MSG.

Cold Treats

Just like people, pets often really enjoy cooling off on a hot day with a cold snack. Fido can enjoy doggy ice cream, which is found in most pet stores. As for Fluffy, she may like some cold canned tuna or chicken in water. You can also offer your furball chilled cat milk. Unlike regular dairy, cat milk is safe for kitties, and makes a great snack.

Canned Food

One decision every dog and cat owner must make is whether to offer canned food, wet food, or both. One of the advantages of canned food is that it does have a higher moisture content.

Bring Water With You

Do you like to take your dog with you when you go places? Fido loves exploring! Just be sure to always bring plenty of water for him. You may want to get a doggy water bottle or collapsible doggy dishes, which are very lightweight and fold up into a size that is easy to carry.

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