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Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 15, 2018

Did you know that Friday, June 22nd, is Take Your Dog To Work Day? This cute, pet-friendly holiday has caught on at many companies! Just be sure to follow some basic precautions for taking your pooch to work. Read on as a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses taking Fido to work.

Job Search

Dogs can fit seamlessly into some businesses. Others? Not so much. If you work in a small office, book store, pet store, or a casual retail outlet, Fido may happily spend the day snoozing and collecting ear scritches. However, if you work in a more professional environment, your furry bff may be better off just snoozing at home.


Not all dogs are going to be good candidates for joining you at your workplace. If Fido isn’t fully trained or housebroken, you’ll definitely need to finish your pup’s petucation before bringing him in. Dogs that are loud, aggressive, and/or easily frightened may also be better off staying home. And, if your pooch is a larger-than-life breed, such as a Great Dane, don’t bring him to work unless you’re sure he has enough room to hang out without accidentally breaking everything.


Hopefully this goes without saying, but make sure to get your boss’ approval before bringing your furry buddy to the workplace. You’ll also want to check with your co-workers. Some people are afraid of dogs, while others are allergic to them. If Fido gets the thumbs-up, make sure he is microchipped, wearing proper ID tags, and current on his vaccinations, exams, and parasite control products. We also recommend giving your pup a bath a few days before he starts work, and a good brushing the night before.

First Day

Before heading to work, take Fido for a nice, long walk, and then tire him out with a fun play session. That way, your canine friend will be a bit tired, and will hopefully fall asleep on the job. We also recommend taking your pooch for a walk on your lunch break.

After Work

When the workday is over, treat Fido to a fun excursion to a doggy park. You can also get your pup’s tail wagging by bringing him to a pet café for a special treat. He’s earned it!

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