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Creating a Proper Catio

June 01, 2018

Do you keep your feline buddy indoors? That’s great! Cats are much safer living indoors, where they are protected from cars, weather, predators, and other hazards. However, there is a way to let Fluffy get some sunlight and fresh air, and enjoy the stimulation of being outdoors while keeping her safe: make your kitty a catio! Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet offers tips on making a catio.

Choosing The Spot

An enclosed porch or patio is a great spot for a catio. You can also use a spare bedroom or even just a bright corner. If you have a yard, you can make Fluffy an outdoor enclosure out of mesh, lumber, and plywood. You can find DIY instructions online. Just be sure to choose a place that offers a good view.


A catio is a great place for some kitty furniture. Choose things that encourage your furball to jump and climb. Cat towers are a great choice! You can also offer your feline friend a cat walk or pet tent. If you’re trying to save money, look online for DIY options. Of course, you’ll also need to set out some comfy beds for your kitty to snuggle up in when she gets tired. Don’t forget to add comfy furniture for yourself, too. There’s no reason you and Fluffy can’t share the catio space!


To make Fluffy’s catio as entertaining as possible, you’ll need to incorporate some fun entertainment options. Putting a birdfeeder up in your yard where your cute pet can see it is one surefire way to keep your furball amused. Your feline pal will also appreciate having lots of fun toys to play with. Catnip mice and plastic or rubber balls are fine, but you can also give your kitty modern toys like automated laser pointers, robotic mice, or mechanical “swimming” fish.


If you really want to give Fluffy a taste of the outdoors, set out some nontoxic plants for her to nibble on and hide behind. Some good options are Rubber tree plants, Money trees, Boston ferns, and African violets. Spider plants are also safe, and are quite popular with kitties. You’ll find a full list of suitable plants at the ASPCA website.

Please contact us, your Los Gatos, CA vet clinic, with any questions or concerns about your kitty’s health or care. We are happy to help!