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Leaving Your Dog Home Alone

May 15, 2018

Do you sometimes leave your canine friend home by himself while you go off to earn money for pet food and doggy treats? Most dogs can do just fine by themselves while their owners are at work. However, there are some things you can do to make sure that Fido stays happy, healthy, and safe while you are out. Read on as a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses leaving your furry buddy home alone.


Don’t leave your pooch full of pent-up energy: that’s a recipe for mischief! Burn off your pet’s excess zoomies by taking him for a vigorous walk before you leave. A fun play session will also help tire Fido out. If your pup is a little worn out, he’ll likely be more interested in napping than in doggy shenanigans.


Toys are very important to Fido’s health and well-being. Fun playthings will keep your pup occupied and entertained. They also help prevent boredom, which is a factor in many bad doggy behaviors. Offer your furry friend a wide variety of toys. Include lots of interactive toys, such as Kong toys.


Don’t leave your dog home alone with nothing to do but stare at four walls. Keep a TV or radio on for him. The sound of music and voices will help keep him from feeling lonely. We also recommend giving your canine pal a good window view, so he can watch birds and squirrels. (Fido may also entertain himself by making ‘nose art’ on your windows, but that’s beside the point.)


As you may know, Fido has a habit of chewing and eating things. This can be very dangerous! You definitely don’t want your canine buddy amusing himself by gnawing on something that isn’t safe for him. Do some basic puppyproofing. Remove or secure toxic plants; medicine; chemicals; small or sharp objects; wires and cords; plastic bags, wrappers, and ties; and anything else that could endanger your pooch. Also, keep personal items, like shoes and purses, safely out of paws’ reach.

Separation Anxiety

Does your dog often make a mess in your absence? If so, your pup may suffer from separation anxiety. Ask your vet for specific advice on helping your furry pal cope with your absence.

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