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Cute Ways to Spoil Your Hamster on National Hamster Day

May 01, 2018

Did you know that May 10th is National Hamster Day? We’re guessing probably not. These little guys may not be as popular as dogs or cats, but they really do make very cute and fun little pets. If you have a pet hamster, this is a great time to give Hammie some extra TLC. Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet lists some great ways to pamper a hamster.

Bigger Cage

Hammie will spend the majority of his time in a cage, so it’s important to make sure it’s nice and comfortable for him. The minimum cage size requirements for hamsters vary a bit from breed to breed, so do some research.


Make your cute pet’s home fun and comfortable for him by adding fun extras like tunnels and exercise wheels. If you get a wheel, be sure to get a solid one: the wire wheels can be dangerous.


If there’s one thing all of our furry patients are enthusiastic about, it’s treats! Your tiny furball can have small pieces of safe fruits or veggies, such as apple, carrots, spinach, pears, peaches, bananas, and cucumber. Hamsters can also have a little cheese, unsalted nuts, some cooked egg, or a dog biscuit. Never give your pet tomato or potato leaves; fatty meats; onions, garlic, or peppers; almonds; junk food; citrus fruits; and chocolate. Ask your vet for more information.


Toys are very important to hamsters, both for physical and emotional reasons. Hammie has open-rooted teeth, so he needs to chew a lot to prevent dental issues. Many wood, wicker, and cardboard items can make suitable toys. (Tip: the tubes from toilet paper rolls can make many cute playthings.) Just avoid anything with small parts, sharp edges, or decorative coatings, such as paint. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Hamsters have widely varying opinions on runabouts, or exercise wheels. Some love them, while others are frightened by them. It’s perfectly fine to see whether Hammie likes them or not. Just remember to use precautions. Don’t leave your pint-sized pal in his runabout for more than 5-10 minutes, and keep him in an area where he can’t roll down stairs or fall into pools. Also, clean and disinfect the runabout after every use.

Do you have any questions about hamster care? Contact us, your Los Gatos, CA vet clinic, today!