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How to Tell If Your Cat is Happy

March 01, 2018

Have you ever wondered if your cat is happy? Providing your feline pal with good food, a clean litterbox, fun toys, and regular veterinary care will see to her basic needs, but how do you tell if she’s really content? As it turns out, Fluffy has some super cute ways of expressing herself. Here, a Los Gatos, CA vet lists some signs of kitty happiness.


Although cats purr for many reasons, they often start their engines when they are happy. Some kitties start purring as soon as their owners pet them or pick them up! If your furball likes to curl up on your lap, purring, she’s probably pretty  content.


Does Fluffy sometimes knead you with her paws when she’s on your lap? This is a sign that your furball thinks of you as her parent. Kittens do this when they are nursing, as it stimulates milk flow in mama cats.


If Fluffy snuggles up with you at night, then she’s showing you affection, which is a pretty good indication that your feline overlord is satisfied. We know, it isn’t always pleasant when Fluffy sleeps on your head or tries to hog the bed, but at least you’ll know she’s comfortable!

Smug Kitty Look

If your furry pal has that adorable, self-satisfied look cats get sometimes, you may very well have a happy kitty on your hands!


Although cats slow down with age, they are quite frisky when they are young. If Fluffy is playful, curious, and mischievous, it’s probably safe to say that you have a cheerful pet.

Belly Rub

Our feline buddies are often quite guarded about letting people touch their bellies. That furry tummy is your cat’s most vulnerable area! If Fluffy offers you her stomach to rub, she’s paid you a very high compliment. However, don’t feel bad if your furball doesn’t like having her tummy petted. Some kitties just aren’t that fearless!

Awkward Sleeping Positions

If Fluffy sprawls out on her back in the middle of the room, then she’s clearly quite comfortable in her surroundings!

Other Signs

Kitty behavior can be quite telling. Happy cats often walk with their tails up, and/or follow their owners around. Chattiness is also a good sign.

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