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5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

February 01, 2018

February is a very important month for our feline friends: it’s Cat Health Month! While kitties are quite low maintenance as far as pets go, they do need proper care to stay healthy. Read on as a local Los Gatos, CA vet offers some helpful advice on keeping Fluffy happy, healthy, and purring.

Good Food

First things first: make sure your kitty is eating high-quality, nourishing food. Don’t let your cute pet manipulate you into overfeeding her. We know, that furry face can be hard to resist, but if your furball is getting chubby, that plaintive meow may be a lie! Ask your vet for recommendations.

Proper Veterinary Care

We recommend that kitties be spayed or neutered, microchipped, and kept up to date on their exams and vaccinations. At home, watch for signs of potential illness, such as hiding, poor grooming, changes in thirst or appetite, vomiting, respiratory issues, and litterbox troubles. If you notice anything unusual, call your vet right away. Cats often don’t let on that they don’t feel well until they are quite ill, so by the time you notice anything wrong, Fluffy could be quite sick!

Offer Stimulation

Although it may seem like cats really enjoy doing as little as possible, your furry pal will get bored and restless with nothing to do. Make your home fun and entertaining for Fluffy by providing her with lots of cat toys, and giving her kitty furniture that encourages her to jump and climb. A good window view is also important. Last but not least, take time to play with your cat every day!

Keep Kitty Safe

Never underestimate a feline’s ability to get into mischief. Fluffy will be instinctively driven to investigate things, and won’t really know what is and isn’t safe for her. Make your home safe for your kitty by removing or securing toxic plants, small or sharp objects, medicine, chemicals, plastic bags and wires, and anything else that your frisky pet shouldn’t be playing with. We also strongly recommend keeping your furball safe and sound inside.

Clean Facilities

One great thing about cats is the fact that they are so clean. Fluffy will use her litterbox to see to her needs. Be sure to keep your pet’s purrsonal powder room nice and clean!

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