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Pocket Pet Toys

January 15, 2018

Do you have a pet bunny, gerbil, Guinea pig, or hamster? If so, you have a super cute animal companion! These little guys are very easy to care for, which makes them great choices for children’s pets. Making sure your furry pal has a clean, comfy cage and is getting proper nutrition will see to their most essential needs. However, in order to keep your pint-sized pal happy, you’ll also need to provide entertainment options. Read on as a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses pocket pet toys.

Chew Toys

One thing many smaller pets have in common is open-rooted teeth. That means your pet’s choppers will never stop growing. In the wild, animals grind their teeth down on tough plants and roots, but, since pets eat much softer foods, you’ll need to give your furry pal some chew toys to compensate. Many wood, wicker, and cardboard items are fine. Just be sure to avoid pine or cedar products, which are toxic to small animals. You’ll also want to stay away from anything coated in varnish, paint, or dye.

Exercise Wheels

Pocket pets really love running on exercise wheels! This can also be super cute to watch! Just be sure to choose a solid one: wire wheels can be dangerous for small animals.

Other Toys

Some of our tiny pals enjoy playing with other toys, such as little balls, ladders, or seesaws. Each type of pet has their own needs as far as suitable toys, so ask your vet for specific advice.


Many of these little guys really enjoy exploring tunnels and mazes. You can buy your pet a tiny labyrinth, but you can also make one out of PVC pipe, cardboard, or even paper mache. (Note: if you choose to go the paper mache route, use newspaper with nontoxic ink. Also, instead of using glue, make a paste out of flour and water. This will be much safer.)


Did you know that you can make a variety of pocket pet toys out of plain paper? Crumple a piece up around a yummy snack, or shred some and put the pieces in a tissue box. You can even fold it into shapes, like chains or snowflakes. This can be a great project for kids!

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