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Adopting a Senior Pet

November 01, 2017

Did you know that November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month? Older pets can make wonderful animal companions, but they often have a very hard time finding new homes. If you are ready to bring another furry friend into your home, please consider adopting an older animal. A Los Gatos, CA vet discusses adopting senior pets in this article.

The Benefits of Adopting Senior Pets

There are many great reasons to consider adopting a senior pet. One of the best things about older dogs and cats is the fact that they are typically very calm and sweet-natured. They’re also often more interested in naps than companionship, and don’t need as much exercise, playtime, or supervision as younger pets. Plus, many senior pets are already trained and spayed or neutered. Last but not least, dogs and cats in their golden years are absolutely adorable!


Before bringing your new pet home, you’ll need to pick up a few things. A comfy bed is definitely a must. If you’re adopting a dog, we recommend getting an orthopedic doggy bed. You’ll also need food, toys, treats, dishes, a carrier, and grooming supplies. Fido will need a leash and collar, while Fluffy will require a litterbox and some kitty furniture. You may want to pick up pet ramps or stairs as well. When you bring your new pet home, set him or her up in a quiet back room at first, so they can settle in peacefully.

Veterinary Care

We strongly recommend scheduling a veterinary appointment within the first week or two. Your furry pal will need a full exam, as well as any other necessary care. This is a great time for you to get advice on your pet’s diet and care needs!

Purrs and Tail Wags

Older animals are just as cute as kittens or puppies! They’re also often very affectionate, and really just want love and attention. Your four-legged pal may need some time to settle in, however. Don’t be surprised if your new pet sleeps a lot at first: being in a shelter can be hard on Fido and Fluffy! Just give your pet time to adjust, and focus on offering great care. Treats, toys, and ear scritches will help your furry buddy feel loved and safe.

Do you have questions or concerns about senior pet care? Contact us, your Los Gatos, CA animal clinic, today!