Obesity in Cats

Have you noticed your kitty getting a bit round lately? Does Fluffy make a huge thud when she jumps off something? Do you have to strain to pick your pet up? If so, your feline buddy may be obese. Those extra pounds can be very dangerous for our furry friends! Read on as a Los Gatos, CA vet discusses obesity in cats.

Health Risks

Obesity can cause some very dangerous health problems in kitties, such as heart disease; kidney and liver problems; bone and joint issues; skin trouble; and reproductive difficulty. Fat cats are also at higher risk of developing certain kinds of cancer, and are more likely to have complications after surgery.


It probably won’t come as much of a shock to find that diet plays a huge role in Fluffy’s weight. Even giving your furball just a few too many calories a day can make her gain a pound every year. That’s a lot for a cat! Kitties that only get kibble may be more prone to obesity than those who get wet food. This is because many dry-food formulas, particularly low-quality ones, contain fattening fillers and carbs. It’s also important to choose healthy treats. While cats are technically not supposed to like things like pizza, doughnuts, and cake, some of our feline patients will eat, well, pretty much anything. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Although cats are very energetic when they are little, as they age, they tend to slow down a bit. Fluffy’s fondness for napping is undeniably cute, but it does make it easy for her to pack on the pounds. You may need to basically bribe your kitty into staying active. Make sure your furball has plenty of toys to play with, and spend a few minutes a day holding a laser pointer or feather toy for her to chase. Another thing that can help is to get some kitty furniture that encourages healthy activities like climbing and jumping, such as a cat tower.

Putting Fluffy On A Diet

If your furball is overweight, consult your vet before making any changes to her menu. Crash diets are just as bad for Fluffy as they are for people!

Do you know or suspect that you have a pudgy kitty? Contact us! As your Los Gatos, CA pet hospital, we are happy to serve all of your pet’s veterinary care needs.