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Bunnyproofing 101

May 15, 2017

Are you adopting a bunny? Good for you! If you’ve never had a rabbit before, you may want to do some research, as these adorable furballs have some very different needs than dogs and cats. One thing that is important for bunny owners to address is bunnyproofing. Floppy will need free time every day, so you’ll need to make sure your home is safe for her. Bunnies have a strong need to chew, and don’t particularly mind what they nibble on, so bunnyproofing will also help protect your belongings. In this article, a local Los Gatos, CA vet offers tips on making your home bunny-safe.

Open Spaces

Floppy can squeeze into some pretty small openings. Bunnies have also been known to go underneath beds and couches and nibble on the upholstery. Block off spaces behind and beneath furniture and cabinets.

Personal Items

Floppy isn’t a particularly discriminating chewer, so she will happily nibble on anything and everything within reach. This includes shoes, books, purses, cell phones, and other small objects. Keep personal items away from those cute little paws! We also recommend keeping closet doors shut.


Carpets are another thing bunnies like to chew on. You may want to put mats down in your furry buddy’s play area to protect your rugs.

Wires and Cords

Wires, cords, and any type of rope or thread can present serious hazards, as they can choke or entangle curious pets. Keep these things away from your fuzzy pal.

Furniture Legs and Baseboards

Furniture legs and baseboards can make very tempting targets for bunnies. After all, they are the perfect height for Floppy to chew on! Look into getting protective coverings that your furball can’t nibble through.

Small/Sharp Objects

Anything small or sharp should be placed out of Floppy’s reach. This includes things like keys, pen caps, pencils, jewelry, beads, and sewing kit pieces.


Plastic bags, wires, and ties can all be very dangerous to your cute little pet! Keep these things well away from your furry friend’s paws.

Toxic Items

Toxic plants; chemicals; household cleaning agents; pesticides; and unsafe foods can all make Floppy very sick! Store these things securely in a bunny-proof spot. Ask your vet for more information.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us today! As your local Los Gatos, CA animal clinic, we are here to provide your cute pet with excellent veterinary care.