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5 Ways to Keep Fido’s Tail Wagging in 2017

January 01, 2017

Happy New Year! If you have a dog, Fido will be right there with you today, staying right by your side as you ring in the new year. Here, a local San Jose, CA vet tells you how to keep your canine companion’s cute tail wagging in 2017.


One of the best ways to keep your furry buddy happy is to play with him regularly. This will burn off your pet’s excess energy. This is particularly beneficial with active, bouncy pooches, and pups that have a knack for getting into mischief. After a fun play session, your furry pal will be more interested in napping than in digging up your flowerbeds. Plus, it’s fun for you, too: it’s hard not to laugh at Fido’s playful antics!

Healthy Treats

If there is one thing we know for sure about Fido, it’s that he really, really, really likes food. Our canine buddies are also very good at convincing us to fork over yummy treats, like strips of bacon or meatballs. It’s fine to indulge your pet occasionally: treats certainly do keep that cute tail going. Just be sure to choose healthy snacks, and don’t overdo it. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Belly Rubs

Our furry pals love attention! Belly rubs are at the top of the list for many of our canine friends, although some pooches prefer getting their ears or backs scratched. Pay plenty of attention to your four-legged buddy in 2017!


Man’s Best Friend has a healthy sense of adventure, and loves exploring new places. Take Fido to a doggy park this year, or explore a new trail. Just be sure to always put your canine pal’s safety first. Stay current with your pup’s parasite control products and vaccinations, and make sure that he is microchipped and wearing ID tags.


Did you know that toys are actually very good for your dog? Playthings help keep your pet active and moving, which is great for him physically. They also offer Fido a way to entertain himself while you’re away, helping keep him from feeling bored and lonely when he is home alone. Keep your pup’s toy box full!

Do you have questions about Fido’s health or care? Contact us, your San Jose, CA animal clinic, anytime. We look forward to providing excellent veterinary care in 2017 and beyond.