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How to Get Cat Hair Off Anything

July 15, 2016

If you have a kitty, chances are you’re not unfamiliar with finding your pet’s fur stuck to your clothing and furniture. Fluffy’s pretty fur is definitely one of her more adorable features, but it looks much better on her than it does on you. Below, a Cambrian, CA vet offers tips on getting your cat’s fur off almost anything.


A large push broom, the kind often used by janitors, actually works great at getting fur out of carpets. Of course, the vacuum is really the best way to get Fluffy’s hair out of your rug. Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming: it will help reduce odor and loosen the fur.


Did you know that a squeegee works great at getting cat fur off carpets and upholstery? Try it! Dishwashing gloves or a damp sponge will also do the trick.


Do you sometimes find your kitty lying on your computer keyboard? While, unfortunately, we can’t help with keeping Fluffy off your computer, we do know a way to get her fur off your keys. A tiny paintbrush will do the job!


Add a half cup of distilled white vinegar to the rinse cycle when you are washing clothes your cat has furred. This will help loosen the hair. You may want to keep Fluffy in mind when shopping: textured fabrics, like suede and corduroy, tend to attract the most fur. We recommend keeping a lint roller on hand for touchups. No lint roller? Use tape or a damp washcloth to remove Fluffy’s fur from your outfit. You can also put clothes in the dryer for a few minutes with a damp hand towel.


There are some you can do to help reduce the amount of fur your cat sheds. First and foremost, keep your furball indoors. Cats that go outside tend to shed more than indoor kitties, as they are more exposed to the temperature fluctuations that trigger shedding cycles. (Bonus: your pet will also be healthier and safer living indoors.) Brushing your kitty will also help, as you’ll be catching that dead fur in a brush before it gets stuck to your things. Last but not least, make sure Fluffy is eating a good, nutritious diet.

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