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DIY Pocket Pet Toys

April 01, 2016

Do you have a bunny, hamster, or another tiny furball? These little guys can certainly make super cute pets! Since smaller animals often spend the majority of their time in cages, you’ll want to make sure your furry pal has lots of fun toys. You don’t have to spend a lot of money keeping your pint-sized pet entertained, however. There are lots of great toys you can make for your furry pal out of common household items. Read on as a local Cambrian, CA vet lists some great DIY toys for pocket pets.

Chew Toys

Many pocket pets have open-rooted teeth, which means they have a strong need to chew. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure your adorable furball always has lots of chew toys. You can give your little buddy items made of safe, clean wood, cardboard, wicker, straw or paper. Repurpose a tissue box into a tiny castle, or make paper origami trees for your little buddy’s cage. You can also upcycle the cardboard tubes from paper towels or toilet paper rolls into many cute toys. Always put your pet’s safety first: don’t give your furball anything made of hard woods, such as cedar or pine, as these can be toxic to little animals. Also, avoid items covered with paint, varnish, glitter, or dye, as well as items that have small pieces or sharp edges.

Foraging Toys

Just like most other pets, these little ones love to eat. Crumple a piece of plain paper around a tasty snack, or stuff fresh herbs or hay into a paper lunch bag. You can also make the cardboard rings from toilet-paper rolls into little balls: just cut them into rings, then reassemble them and put a treat inside. Another cute option for rabbits or Guinea pigs is to hang leafy green veggies from twine strung between two chairs. Ask your vet to recommend safe treats.

Tunnels And Mazes

These little guys love exploring tunnels and mazes. Why not make your own? You can use PVC pipe, or even turn some shoeboxes and tissue boxes into a little labyrinth. Another DIY option is paper mache. Just be sure to use plain paper, or paper that was printed with non-toxic dyes.

Do you have questions or concerns about caring for a pocket pet? Contact us, your local Cambrian, CA animal hospital, anytime. We are here to help!