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Dog Walking Safety Tips

March 15, 2016

Does your dog start bouncing up and down or wagging his tail when he hears the word walk? Many of our canine buddies get very excited at the prospect of a walk. After all, those daily walks may very well be Fido’s favorite thing … aside from belly rubs, treats, car rides, naps, games of fetch, dinner, and toys. Taking your pooch out for his strolls can become a bit routine, so it can be easy to forget or overlook safety concerns. Read on for some dog walking safety tips from your local San Jose, CA veterinarian.


Make sure that Fido is microchipped, and is wearing current ID tags. It only takes a moment for your canine buddy to lunge after a squirrel and jerk the leash out of your hands. Better safe than sorry!


Proper training is very important! Fido should know basic obedience commands, such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down. These can keep your pet from running after the squirrel we just mentioned. They can also stop Fido from approaching dangerous animals or areas. If your furry buddy doesn’t have these basics down, take him back to school!

Night Walking

One of the main safety concerns for night walking is the risk of not being seen by drivers. We recommend getting reflective gear for both yourself and Fido. You can also buy LED lights and wrap them around your pet’s collar.


Keep Fido up to date on important vaccinations, such as rabies. If your dog has an encounter with a rabid animal, and his shots aren’t current, you may find yourself in a nightmarish tangle of legal proceedings. We recommend keeping copies of your pup’s paperwork on you. If you have a smartphone, take pictures of them, or email copies to yourself.


Inspect your dog’s leash and collar regularly, and replace them when they start looking frayed or worn. We also don’t recommend using retractable leashes on busy sidewalks. If the mechanism sticks, Fido could run out into traffic before you can stop him.

Other Animals

You and Fido may encounter other animals during your walks. If you come across a loose dog or wild animal, turn around and walk the other way. Don’t take chances!

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