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How to Convince Your Cat to Stay Indoors

March 01, 2016

Have you recently decided to keep your feline buddy inside? If so, you’ve made a great choice. Fluffy is definitely better off indoors, where she is protected from the dangers posed by cars, chemicals, weather, predators, and other kitties. Your pet may not agree with your decision, however, and may even try to override you! You may have to do a bit of pet parenting to convince Fluffy that the indoor life is good, but take heart! In time, even former strays can lose all desire to venture outside. Below, a local Cambrian, CA veterinarian offers advice on keeping your kitty indoors.

Make The Indoor Life Fun

Cats absolutely love being pampered. Luckily, it really isn’t hard to turn your home into a kitty paradise. Start by offering lots of soft beds and plenty of fun toys. If you have a screened-in patio, make it a catio by adding some kitty furniture and some pet-safe plants, such as rubber trees. Check the ASPCA site for suggestions. We also recommend giving your feline buddy at least one comfy spot with a great window view. To really make the view interesting, put a bird feeder in Fluffy’s line of sight, so she can watch birds and squirrels while sunbathing.

Make Fluffy Think Twice About Going Outside

When your furball approaches the door, do something to startle her. Cats absolutely hate being startled! You can rattle a jar of change, sound a bike horn, or bang two pots together. These things won’t hurt your kitty, but they may frighten her a bit. Fluffy may very well retreat to her favorite hiding spot to ponder the perils of getting too close to the door.

Activating The Purr

Take time to play with your kitty every day, using toys that you can control, such as a laser pointer or a wand toy. This will offer beneficial mental stimulation, and keep your cat from growing bored and restless. It may also satisfy Fluffy’s natural urge to hunt. After her play session, your furball will likely be a bit tired. At that point, a nap will be much more appealing to her than a walk around the block.

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