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6 Things Cats Just Can’t Resist

February 15, 2016

If you have a cat, chances are, your kitty probably keeps you smiling with her cute antics and soothing purrs. Kitties certainly make wonderful pets! One of our feline friends’ most distinctive qualities is the fact that, though these furballs are quite small, they definitely have big personalities. While all kitties have their own individual characteristics and tastes, they do share some common likes and dislikes. In this article, a San Jose, CA vet lists some things cats just can’t resist.


Fluffy’s obsession with boxes is no secret. Kitties feel secure in small, enclosed spaces, but our feline friends’ love of boxes may very well go above and beyond simple safety. It’s pretty safe to say that if you put an empty box down in the vicinity of your furry pal, the box probably won’t stay empty for long.

Sheet Changing Time

Your helpful furball is always willing to lend a helping paw with household chores, at least, when it comes time to change the bedsheets. Kitties just can’t stop themselves from pouncing on the bed as you’re trying to put fresh sheets down.


We’re not sure if anyone has done an official study on how much time cats typically spend sunning themselves, but we do know Fluffy really likes sunbathing. In fact, kitties love dozing in sunbeams so much, one might almost suspect they run on solar energy.

Soft Beds

Cats have a hard time resisting anything that looks like it might make a good napping spot. Whether it’s a soft blanket folded up into a chair, a basket of laundry, or her own kitty bed, Fluffy will test every possible napping spot in the house.

Smacking Small Objects Off Tables

Have you ever watched your cat smack small objects off coffee tables with her paw? We’re not sure why kitties are so compelled to do this, but it’s not uncommon among our feline friends. Maybe Fluffy’s trying to help with the housecleaning!


As far as Fluffy is concerned, a suitcase is a kitty bed that only comes out for special occasions. Your feline buddy probably won’t waste much time hopping into an open suitcase and fixing you with that adorably smug look we all know so well.

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