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Fluffy’s New Year’s Resolutions

January 01, 2016

Happy New Year! As we leave 2015 behind and start a brand new year, many of us are reflecting on personal goals, and perhaps making a few resolutions. Your kitty will be with you this year as you work to reach your goals. While Fluffy will probably sleep through a good chunk of 2016, she may still have a few goals of her own. Read on as a Cambrian, CA veterinarian lists some adorable resolutions kitties might make.

Master Yoga

Kitties are masters of stretching and bending. These flexible little furballs can often twist themselves into contortions one might normally associate with pretzels or rubber bands. Yoga may very well be on the list of Fluffy’s resolutions!

Eat Better Food

Fluffy can be a bit finicky at times. She may scoff at the food you put down for her, and beg for something more to her liking. Help your feline friend make this goal by giving her the best food you can afford!

Help Around The House

Your thoughtful furball may assist you by jumping on the bed as you are changing the sheets. She might also leave fur on your upholstery to prompt you to vacuum more, or smack things off the coffee table to keep it clear.

Nap More

This is one goal your kitty may very well achieve! There are some variations on this: Fluffy may also want to broaden her horizons by sleeping in new spots or positions. She may also try to doze off in spots that are right in the path of traffic, or catch more of her Z’s in sunbeams.

Learn New Things

Education is a wonderful goal for pets and people alike. Of course, Fluffy may try to achieve this goal by sitting or sleeping on your books and computer! Who knows? Maybe cats learn by osmosis.

Do Nothing

Housecats have it pretty easy. Fluffy can basically spend her days eating, sleeping, and looking cute. Maybe her goal is to do as little as possible!


Cats may have a reputation for being aloof, but many of our feline pals are actually super cuddly. Fluffy may try to get in as much lap time as she can this year.

All of us here at your Cambrian, CA clinic want to wish you a Happy New Year! Please contact us for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs in 2016.