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Communicating with Kitties

June 15, 2015

Do you have a feline friend in your home? Kitties make wonderful pets. These cute and lovable furballs certainly do have a special way of making us smile. When it comes to understanding your kitty, you might find that sometimes it’s very clear what your pet wants. Other times, Fluffy may not be so easy to read. In this article, your local San Jose, CA vet discusses communicating with kitties.


Did you know that cats can make over 100 different sounds? You might hear the majority of these when Fluffy is ready for dinner, but don’t be surprised if you find out your kitty just likes to chat or even argue! Just like people, kitties can be quite talkative! To encourage your furball to talk, try replying to her when she makes sounds. You may discover that the more you talk to Fluffy, the more talkative she becomes!

Body Language

Getting to know feline body language will help you understand your furball’s moods and reactions. For instance, a swishing tail and flat ears are typically signs that Fluffy is feeling irritated. If your kitty flops over so you can rub that cute furry belly, it’s a sign of love and trust … or, perhaps, a command for attention. But Fluffy isn’t always that clear: sometimes this position can indicate that your kitty is feeling defensive. The better you know your feline friend, the easier it will be to tell the difference.

Signs of Affection

While it’s hard to mistake a cat’s cuddles and kisses for anything other than kitty adoration, some of Fluffy’s affectionate behaviors are a bit unusual. Kneading is one example of this. Fluffy might curl up on your lap, purring, and then start digging her claws into you. This might be a bit painful, but it’s actually a sign that your kitty sees you as her pet parent, since kittens knead their moms while nursing. Play fighting is another way cats show affection. It’s a bad habit, and one that should be discouraged, but if your kitty is feeling playful, she might pounce on your feet or lightly bite your hand. Believe it or not, if your cat looks at you and blinks slowly, this is also a sign of feline adoration!

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