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Your Senior Cat Will Appreciate Her Top-Notch Care

May 15, 2015

Your newly adopted senior cat Lucy can look forward to a very comfy life. You just brought this deserving ten-year-old girl home from your city’s animal shelter. She’ll enjoy a comfortable bed, a faux jewel collar, and an entire bin of cat toys. Besides spoiling your feline housemate rotten, you’ll provide her with excellent veterinary care. Tomorrow, Lucy will visit your San Jose vet for a new patient exam and a tailored senior health program.

Nutritious Senior Cat Diet

Although some older felines drop weight as they age, Lucy has packed on some pounds. To reduce her risk of certain medical problems, your vet wants your pudgy companion to slim down. First, the vet will identify your cat’s nutritional needs and physical activities. Next, she’ll design a weight-loss plan that should gain results.

Each day, monitor your cat’s weight with a scale that shows even tiny changes. If the number goes down without explanation, she could be developing a medical problem. Take her to the vet without delay.

Regular Grooming Sessions

Your brand-new feline companion already loves her regular brushing sessions. Each morning, she settles into your lap for a half-hour of grooming and ear scratching. While you stroke her coat, you gather loose hair that could form hairballs.

Brushing heightens your companion’s circulation and stimulates her skin. Taken together, these benefits promote good coat health. If your prim little cat has donated her scratching post, trim her sharp little claws.

Secret Mini-Physical Exam

Although Lucy doesn’t realize it, her brushing sessions include a secret mini-physical checkup. You move your hands over her skin and coat, feeling for something unusual. If you find a potential problem, bring it to your vet’s attention immediately.

Minimum-Stress Lifestyle

Since Lucy’s past life is a bit murky, you want to provide her with a comfortable, low-stress lifestyle in her golden years. If you can’t avoid disrupting her regular routine, compensate by lavishing her with lots of extra attention. Before a vacation or business trip, recruit a familiar relative, friend, or neighbor to pamper your lucky cat in their home. Finally, refrain from bringing home another pet while Lucy’s in charge.

Your San Jose vet will give Lucy regular physical exams, ideally twice yearly. She’ll also handle any developing medical issues. To provide your senior feline companion with excellent care, contact us for an appointment.