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Your Dog’s Regular Walks Bring Valuable Benefits

May 01, 2015

Your retriever mix Dakota enjoys his walks more than anything else in the world. Three times daily, your rambunctious four-year-old pooch grabs his leash for another exciting expedition. Each time, he wants to explore one more street or take an additional lap around the park. Your San Jose veterinarian is happy that Dakota has created a do-it-yourself exercise program. Each vigorous trek helps to strengthen your dog’s muscles and maintain his flexibility. He also enjoys other pleasing benefits.

Smoother Digestion, Healthier Weight

Dakota’s digestive system occasionally goes on the fritz, and he periodically battles with constipation. Although your vet monitors these conditions, regular exercise can help to stabilize your pooch’s bodily functions. Since he’s prone to weight gain, consistent brisk walks burn up calories and lead to a healthier scale number.

Bolstered Self-Confidence

Two years ago, you met Dakota at your town’s animal shelter. When you approached this shy young pooch in the exercise yard, he tried to hide behind his shelter mates. He was also clearly uncomfortable around other dogs. After you adopted this playful, endearing companion, you spent many hours helping him to become more sociable and confident at home.

Now your increasingly outgoing companion was ready to meet the outside world. You introduced him to friendly dogs (and humans) on neighborhood walks; and the dog park became his favorite haunt. At the farmer’s market, you led him through the aisles, meeting numerous produce and food vendors. Over time, your super-shy dog became the most well-socialized pooch in town.

Beneficial Obedience Skills

Along with poor socialization skills, Dakota was lacking in the discipline department. He often became bored, resulting in frenzied chewing of your furniture and baseboards. He also loved to leap on visitors, a behavior that halted your social invitations.

With few options, you scheduled your eighty-pound demolition machine for a basic obedience class. He seemed happy to get some structure, and he snagged that important Course Completion Certificate. Now, his neighborhood walks are fun for both of you. Your social calendar has improved; and your home furnishings are untouched.

When Dakota next visits your San Jose veterinarian, the vet will notice your companion’s transformation into a happier, obedient dog. You’re sure his walking routine provided the catalyst for this impressive growth. To provide your canine housemate with a beneficial exercise program, contact us for expert advice.