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Good Nutrition Gives Your Kitten a Healthy Start

April 15, 2015

Your brand-new kitten Ginger will add some welcome spice to your household. You just brought this feisty orange tabby home from your city’s animal shelter, and she has already raced through every corner of your house. After discovering her numerous cat toys, this entrancing seven-week-old kitten spent the last hour tormenting and gnawing them into submission. To fuel her action-packed lifestyle, and support her rapidly growing body, little Ginger requires a top-notch kitten food. Tomorrow, she’ll visit your Cambrian veterinarian, who will give her a new patient exam and recommend an optimum diet.

Nutrition-Packed Kitten Chow

Some of Ginger’s nutritional requirements mirror those of Dolly, your healthy three-year-old cat. Both girls must receive similar portions of fats, plus fatty acids and some vitamins. However, your supercharged kitten also needs additional protein and amino acids, along with different minerals and vitamins. Ideally, your little dynamo will get 30 percent of her energy from quality proteins.

Good thing your vet is well acquainted with kittens’ nutritional needs. He’ll prescribe a tasty, nutrient-rich blend that your fast-growing feline will enjoy until she’s a mature female cat. Although she loves cat treats, limit these tempting snacks to 5 percent of her daily calorie intake.

Multiple Daily Meals

Ginger and Dolly will have considerably different feeding schedules. Your healthy adult cat happily chows down on her two daily scheduled meals. Her tasty, vet-approved kibbles furnish plenty of energy for daily playtime sessions, and she has enough juice left to chase your much-larger dog.

In contrast, your highly active kitten must repeatedly fuel her tiny body all day long. She’s always in motion; and she only takes occasional breaks to eat, drink, pee, and poop. Every so often, she squeezes in a nap to recharge her batteries. To keep up this frantic pace, your little whirlwind must consume three or four high-quality meals every day.

Abundant Clean Water

Crazy little Ginger needs a constant supply of clean, fresh water daily. By topping off her bowl regularly, you’ll help her to avoid dehydration, which can also factor into other medical conditions.

As Ginger quickly grows into a healthy adult cat, your Cambrian veterinarian will give her regular checkups and resolve developing medical problems. He’ll adjust your feline housemate’s diet to reflect her evolving nutritional needs. To provide your kitten with quality nutrition, contact us for expert advice.