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Simple Guidelines for Good Guinea Pig Care

March 15, 2015

Your newly adopted guinea pig Sammy is one lucky rodent. You found this charming guy through an animal rescue group, and he has already explored every inch of his roomy new apartment. Although your furry pet is larger than your pet rats, he’s a mellow, sociable companion who isn’t likely to scratch or bite. Now that Sammy has settled into his home, your Cambrian veterinarian will give him a new patient exam. The vet will also provide easy-to-follow care guidelines.

Healthy Living Environment

Although Sammy is happy to socialize with your family, he’d like to reside in a quiet setting with minimal foot traffic. Locate his enclosure in a room with consistent 65 to 79 degree temperatures. Keep him away from direct sunlight, as his fur-covered body doesn’t adapt well to heat and humidity. In fact, he could even develop heat stroke.

Roomy, Ventilated Enclosure

Sammy deserves the most spacious metal, sturdy plastic, or wire enclosure you can buy. Provide plenty of ventilation, but don’t worry about a cover. After all, he has no intention of leaving his pampered new life. Give him a solid floor that minimizes leg and foot injury hazards. Each day, give your furry housemate fresh bedding fabricated from shredded newspaper or recycled paper litter.

Well-Rounded Diet

Your vet will probably recommend that your rodent chow down on a top-notch specialty pellet formula. Certain leafy greens and vegetables will be nice additions. Offer your guinea pig considerable variety so he doesn’t hesitate to gobble up a brand-new veggie. Ask the vet if additional vitamins are necessary.

Provide your sociable rodent with plenty of fresh water daily, using a sipper water bottle you attach to his cage. That prevents him from soiling this life-critical liquid with bedding or feces.

Diverse Exercise Program

Since your food-loving pet will be eating daily, assist him with weight control. Provide several pieces of quality cage exercise equipment, and create an enclosed interactive play area. Ensure that his playground is free of hazardous outlets, wires, or baseboards. An easily cleaned tile, wood, or linoleum floor will accommodate his needs.

Your Cambrian veterinarian will see Sammy for a yearly physical exam, fecal test, and blood work. The vet will work to prevent dental disease, common to guinea pigs. To give your guinea pig a great start, contact us for an appointment.