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Stop Your Cat’s Undesirable Spraying Behavior

March 01, 2015

Your tuxedo cat Duke is full of bluster and bravado. This imperious five-year-old bully likes to strut through the house, showing his dominance and demanding allegiance from your two younger cats. You’ve chalked that up to normal male feline behavior. However, you’re not so amused by Duke’s other habit: shooting smelly male cat urine at your walls, carpet, and furniture. In three short days, he has ruined several surfaces, and he shows no signs of stopping. This afternoon, you’re hauling your feline spraying machine to your San Jose veterinarian for some expert behavioral counseling.

Male Cat Hormones Unleashed

While it’s hard to be sympathetic toward Duke, he’s currently not thinking very clearly. In fact, he’s being ruled by powerful male sex hormones. Since he’s focused on ruling your household, marking his territory helps to cement his victory. If your obnoxious cat hasn’t been neutered, make that appointment today. Afterward, his crazy hormones and spraying behavior should gradually subside. Since female cats also let loose on occasion, make sure sweet little Daisy has been spayed.

Revolting Cat Urine Odor

For three frustrating days, your single-minded feline housemate has saturated your home’s interior with foul-smelling urine. On two occasions, you returned home to an overwhelming stench, and spent almost an hour trying to locate the evidence. Fortunately, a powerful enzymatic cleaner should greatly reduce the unpleasant odor. However, you might need several applications before you can call the effort a success.

Finally, here’s some positive news. After you banish the urine odor from Duke’s previously sprayed surfaces, he’ll likely ignore them in the future. Ask your vet if spritzing a feline pheromone on those objects will tempt your busy cat to choose the face-marking method of claiming his territory.

Mental and Physical Diversions

Since your goal-driven feline needs a job, provide several positive physical and mental challenges. Besides intriguing toys and treat puzzles, a madly flitting laser wand should hold your clever cat’s interest for a while. Although you’d love to punish your feline delinquent for his actions, adding more exercise might produce better results. After all, if you agitate him further, he might unleash a nasty-smelling stream in your previously untouched bedroom.

After your San Jose veterinarian resolves Duke’s unwelcome indoor behavior, you can relax and reclaim your home. If your cat seems focused on spraying down your house, contact us for expert advice.