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Get a Closer Look at Your Cat’s Dental Cleaning

February 15, 2015

Your cat Harvey strives to be the sharpest-looking cat in the neighborhood. This feisty tabby grooms himself daily, and he also loves his daily brushing sessions. However, he has informed you that feline dental care is your department, so you schedule his regular dental exams and cleanings. In fact, he has an appointment with your Cambrian veterinarian tomorrow.

Periodontitis Hazards

You’d like your cat to avoid periodontitis, the most common feline dental problem. This serious condition develops when plaque, a soft blend of food, bacteria, and saliva, attacks your feline’s gums and teeth. Plaque often hardens into tartar, causing his tooth and root tissues to become irritated.

First, you might notice reddish gum tissues, or gingivitis. Next, infections and abscesses attack those hapless teeth. Poor Harvey might experience pain, bleeding, tooth loss, and atrocious breath. Now that his gum tissues are damaged, bacteria can freely enter his bloodstream. These vicious invaders can easily compromise your cat’s heart and kidneys.

Dangerous “Kitty Cavities”

Harvey and his friends also face feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions, or FORLs. Called “kitty cavities,” these little culprits emerge on teeth sides near the gum lines. The cavities gradually erode your cat’s tooth and can make it fracture. An infection can also appear in the tooth pulp. Finally, your poor cat can suffer from very painful gum inflammation.

Regular Dental Exams

Your vet closely examines Harvey’s teeth during each physical checkup. Through regular attention, the vet can catch developing dental problems quickly. However, if your cat has difficulty eating, starts to drool, or develops awful breath, get him to the vet quickly.

Cleaning/Polishing Procedure

During your cat’s dental exam, the vet might find tartar accumulation or gingivitis. If so, your feline friend will likely require a thorough dental cleaning, performed while he’s anesthetized. Your vet will clean all your cat’s tooth surfaces, even under gum lines. Harvey will also receive a tooth polish that evens out his tooth surfaces and discourages debris buildup.

Home Dental Care

Your Cambrian veterinarian will show you how to safely brush your cat’s teeth. Use a cat-specific toothpaste, as human paste will cause problems for his mouth and stomach.

Through regular dental cleanings and exams, plus home dental maintenance, Harvey’s choppers should remain in good shape. To get your cat’s dental health on track, call us for an appointment.