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Obesity in Dogs

February 01, 2015

Is your canine buddy looking a bit round lately? If so, he isn’t alone! Obesity is a rising epidemic among our furry friends. According to some estimates, nearly 60 percent of all dogs are obese! While Fido might look adorable with those extra pounds, the truth is that being overweight can lead Man’s Best Friend to develop some very serious health problems. In this article, your local vet San Jose talks about obesity in dogs.

The Dangers of Obesity

There are several health risks associated with canine obesity. Fido is more likely to develop heart problems, osteoarthritis, kidney or bladder issues, and even cancer if he is carrying extra weight. Obesity will also shorten your beloved pet’s lifespan.


Exercise will not only help keep your dog’s weight under control, it will also benefit him in many other ways! A few good vigorous walks a day will go a long way toward keeping your canine buddy in shape. You can bump up his exercise quota with games like fetch, which will keep your pup moving without tiring you out.

Proper Diet

Keeping your pup on a nutritious, well-balanced diet is one of the main things you can do to keep your canine buddy in good health. It’s very easy to unintentionally overfeed your dog, so pay close attention to portion control. The serving sizes listed on pet food labels are just suggestions: check with your vet for more specific recommendations.


Fido loves to snack! It’s easy to exceed your pup’s caloric intake by giving him little tidbits of fatty treats. We aren’t advocating eliminating extras altogether, but we do advise that you pay close attention to how much you are giving your dog. Those big sad eyes might be persuasive, but don’t fall for it!

Weight Loss

When it comes to obesity in dogs, as with many other health issues, prevention is much better than the cure! It’s much easier to make small adjustments than to wait until drastic changes are needed. Crash diets are very dangerous for pets, so if your pup is overweight, don’t make any drastic changes to your pup’s food without consulting your vet! Keep your dog at a healthy weight throughout his life, so Fido won’t have to go on a diet.

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