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Best Toys for Guinea Pigs

November 15, 2014

Are you considering getting a pet Guinea pig? Guinea pigs are one of the most popular types of pocket pets. These little guys are very friendly and intelligent, and are even capable of learning some tricks! Just like any other type of pet, Guinea pigs need a proper habitat, a complete and nutritious diet, and stimulation. Guinea pigs enjoy being near their humans, so they can watch and listen to their people, but this isn’t quite enough in and of itself. In this article, your veterinarian Cambrian goes over some of the best toys for Guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs, by nature, love to hide and enjoy tunnels. They also need exercise, so a wheel is recommended. Just make sure to get one that is not made out of wire, as these can hurt your pet’s feet. Avoid large exercise balls, as these can actually hurt Guinea pigs.

Guinea Pig-Specific Toys

Some of the toys that are marketed for Guinea pigs include tunnels, chew balls, ring toys, and several other options. Make sure to only get your piggy items that are coated in non-toxic material. Avoid any toys made of pine or cedar.

Store-Bought Toys

Guinea pigs can play with some of toys that are made for other types of pets. Cat toys, particularly balls with little bells, are a big hit with some Guinea pigs. Toys made for birds are also options. Look for the kind that hang, and then fasten them from the top of your pet’s cage. Tunnels made for ferrets are also a good option. When buying toys for your Guinea, make sure they don’t have any pieces which can break off easily, as these can be a choking hazard.

Budget Toys

If you are on a tight budget, you still have several options for cheap toys that will amuse your pet. Towel tents, paper grocery bags, and cardboard boxes are a few options for hidey-holes that your little furball will have fun exploring. Cozies, crumpled up paper balls, toilet paper or paper towel rolls, and carefully- washed pine cones are more cheap options for Guinea pig toys. Your piggy may also enjoy tennis balls, old socks, and even sheets of newspaper. The great thing about budget toys is that, because they are so affordable, you can change them out frequently, which is even more fun for your pet.

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