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Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Parents

October 15, 2014

Halloween might be a spooky time of year for us, but it’s a hazardous time of year for our four-legged friends! Keep your pet safe this Halloween by following your San Jose veterinarian’s tips, found below.

Doorbell Danger

One of the most prominent hazards this time happens on trick-or-treat night. If there’s going to a lot of people ringing your doorbell constantly throughout the evening, it may stress out your pet. Even worse, an anxious pet could dart out the open door, getting lost in the dark night. If your pet gets overwhelmed, take them to a back room where it’s safe. Excitable pets might even need tethered up in a secure area to prevent escape.

Tantalizing Treats

Halloween is prime time for chocolates, candy, gum, baked goods, and other tasty treats that pets shouldn’t have. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, both harmful to pets, and candy and gum is often sweetened with highly-toxic xylitol. Keep a close eye on your trick-or-treat candy bowl, and don’t let your pet get her paws anywhere near it.

Careful with Costumes

Thinking of dressing your pet up in her own cute Halloween costume? This can be fun and quite adorable, but make sure your pet is okay with it. Some pets can become greatly stressed by wearing too much clothing, especially if it’s a tight fit. Also make sure the costume doesn’t have any small pieces that a pet could chew off, potentially swallowing or choking on.

Plant Precautions

Common Halloween plants like pumpkins and decorative autumn corn aren’t toxic per say, but they’re not good for pets either. Chowing down on too much of any foreign substance can upset a pet’s stomach and cause vomiting or diarrhea. Put these decorative plants in areas where pets can’t reach, especially if your furry friend is the exploratory type.

Your San Jose veterinarian can give you more great tips to keep your pet safe from harm this Halloween—call the clinic today!